4 Steps to Properly Clean Your Washing Machine

When was the last time you cleaned your washing machine(s)? Believe it or not, even though a washing machine is designed to clean clothes, linens and other fabrics, it can get quite dirty! All of that residue from the detergent and other chemicals you're using can build up inside, and the outside can get dusty and dirty from daily use. As such, if you want your washing machine to continue functioning well (for a long time) and look sharp, it's important to regularly clean it. Not sure where to get started? Today we'll discuss 4 steps to properly clean your washing machine.

How does a washing machine get dirty?

Your washer sees all kinds of dirt and bacteria every time you use it - that's it's job! However, if you own a commercial laundromat, then your washers are coming in contact with a variety of things all day every day. As such, all that lint, dust, dirt, bacteria and other things can build up on the inside of the washer. Furthermore, there are crevices and doors that can catch these particles and build up over time. And, if you live in an area with hard water, your washers are even more susceptible to build-up, so it’s absolutely critical to clean the washers regularly to avoid buildup that can be hard to remove if it’s left for too long.

By regularly cleaning your washing machines, you can keep them fresh and looking good. However, if this is your first time cleaning the washer, you may not know where to get started. Follow these five steps for a proper cleaning of your commercial washing machines.

Step 1: Clean Your Washing Machine by Cleaning the Washer Drum

Your first step in cleaning your washing machine is to fill the drum with hot water, add a quart of bleach (but no detergent) and turn it on the longest wash and spin cycle. The bleach is designed to kill any germs and bacteria.

Once that cycle is complete, immediately fill the drum again with hot water again and add one quart of distilled white vinegar. Run it through the longest cycle again. The vinegar will help break down any hard water deposits and soap scum. Leave the washer door open so it can dry. In fact, as a general rule, you should leave the washer door open when you're done washing a load so that the drum can dry.

Step 2: Clean the Lint Trap

If the washing machine has a lint trap, make sure to clean it. If it has a detergent dispenser, wipe it out with a cloth to remove soap build up. And, if they are removable, then you can soak them in vinegar, rinse them and put them back in.

Step 3: Clean the Washer Exterior

While cleaning the exterior of the washing machine is important, don't forget the outside of the machine. It comes in contact with dirty clothes, detergent, people pressing up against them, and carts brushing up beside it which can all leave dirt on the exterior of the machine. Furthermore, spills from your detergent can happen which can leave soap marks that need to be cleaned.

To clean the exterior of the machine, you can use a mixture of half vinegar and half warm water to wipe down the outside with a sponge or cloth. Don’t use a sponge with a hard surface (such as a Brillo pad) because you don’t want to make scratches on the unit. Be sure to get around the edges of the doors and in the crevices.

If you're having trouble removing scuff marks that won't come off with your vinegar mixture, you can always try a "magic eraser." We recommend that you try this approach on the back of the machine first to make sure that it won't damage the finish of the machine first though.

Step 4: Sweep or Vacuum Around the Washing Machine

Once you're done cleaning the interior and exterior of your washing machine, make sure that you also sweep or vacuum behind and under the unit. Any dust that may collect can become a fire hazard if not removed for long periods of time. This will also give you a chance to make sure that all hoses are properly connected and electrical cords are plugged in where they should be.

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