4 Ways to Reduce Your Commercial Laundromat Energy Bill

How much are you spending on your commercial laundromat energy bill each month? Is it higher than you'd like? One of the biggest problems facing commercial laundromat owners is rising energy bills. And because it takes energy and water to power your equipment, how much you spend on utilities such as water, HVAC, and electricity have a huge impact on your bottom line. With that in mind, today we'll discuss 4 ways to reduce your commercial laundromat energy bill.

How to Reduce Your Commercial Laundromat Energy Bill

1. Start with Your HVAC System

Interestingly enough, the best way to reduce your energy bill has nothing to do with commercial laundromat equipment, but does play a large part in how high your utility bill is each month - and that is your HVAC system. Heating and cooling your commercial laundromat can get expensive, but there are ways to lower this expense.

Start by inspecting your vents. Are they open? Making sure they are open will ensure that air is entering the room and that your thermostat is properly reading the temperature. Also be sure to remove all blockages, dirt, and dust that may be gathering around your vents as these will prevent proper airflow. Additionally, replace your air filters every 3 months at a minimum. However, if your facility is busy, you may need to replace your air filters more often.

Similarly related, walk around your facility and make sure that you don't have any air leaks. Any cracks or gaps in your windows and doors, or holes in your walls can let hot or cold air escape outside. These air leaks can cause your energy bill to rise, and make you and your customers uncomfortable. As such, if you find any air leaks, seal them up! A quick trip to your local home improvement store to get caulk can quickly keep air in and your utility bill down.

Finally, with regard to your HVAC system, if you want to decrease your energy bill, use fans. During warm months, aim your fans toward the ceiling to push hot air away. During the winter, aim your fans downward to push warm air down. This approach can also be used at home, but will greatly reduce the strain of your HVAC system and make a difference on your energy bill.

2. Automate Your Lighting

While it's important to provide a well-lit facility, having your lights on 24/7 can wreak havoc on your energy bill. One way to lower your energy bill is to automate lighting at your commercial laundromat.

The concept is quite similar to how a grocery store automates lighting in their freezer aisle (when a customer walks down the freezer aisle, the lights in the freezer turn on). For your facility, you could install timers on your security lighting or overhead lights. Lights could automatically turn on at dawn and turn off at dusk, or turn on with motion. Automated lighting could potentially save quite a bit of money on your energy bill.

3. Check Water Usage

Often, if your energy bill, specifically your water bill, has gone up, it could be a symptom of a larger problem. As such, get a water usage audit to see how much you're spending and if that number has recently increased. Check for any leaks or loose hoses to see if the problem can be easily solved. Sometimes a simple leak in the bathroom sink can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. 

4. Invest in New Equipment

The cost of running commercial laundromat equipment, including electricity and water, tends to increase as equipment ages. Newer models often boast higher efficiency ratings and cost savings. For samples, a 12-year-old washing machine costs about $1.04 to clean one load of laundry on your utility bill, while a brand new machine only costs $0.33 to process the same load of laundry.

As such, if your utility bill is extremely high, it may be time to invest in new equipment. We suggest looking at high-efficiency washers, switching to front-loading machines and dryers with shorter drying time per load as a start. These investments could lead to lower energy bills for your business.

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