7 Helpful Laundry Tips for College Students

Do you have a kid in college or are you a college student? Functioning in the world as a college student after years of receiving help from your parents can be a challenge. In particular, many college students have never spent much time doing their own laundry until they live away from home. Many will simply re-wear dirty clothes or pile up their laundry until they go back home for the weekend so Mom can get them back to square one. But, for those college students who choose to tackle laundry head-on, many find it a bit easier to go to a laundromat rather than wait in line at their dorm's laundry facility. With that in mind, today we'll discuss 7 helpful laundry tips for college students.

laundry tips for college students

#1: Keep these 4 Items Ready for Laundry Day

If you're like our college student, you'll wait until everything else in your wardrobe is dirty before doing laundry, rather than doing a little bit at a time. While our adult brains have a hard time understanding this philosophy, we recognize that it's part of the process. So, your first laundry tip is to keep your laundry materials ready for laundry day. These include a laundry basket that can be carried to the laundromat, laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets and a change bag filled with quarters.

Laundry Tips for College Students #2: Always Sort Before Washing

College laundry isn't that much different than anyone else's laundry. Therefore, it's important that before you toss everything in the wash, that you sort your laundry into piles: towels/bedding, whites/lights, darks and delicates. While we've been known to throw our old t-shirts in with our bedding and towels, as a general rule - it's always better to separate.

Even if you choose not to separate, be wary of letting a brand new red (or any dyed) shirt in with a load of whites unless you want everything to be pink. In fact, you should wash anything with dye (including denim) separately first so that it won't bleed onto other fabrics.

Laundry Tips for College Students #3: Check Your Pockets

Now that you've sorted your laundry into piles, make sure you check all of your pockets for pens, money, credit cards, your phone or anything else that you might have left behind. While you're at it, also unbutton your shirts, zip up any zippers, unroll your socks and turn any shirts with an embellishment inside out. These simple steps will protect your clothes in the wash.

Laundry Tips for College Students #4: Treat Stains Immediately

Stains happen, especially in college. Therefore, when a stain occurs, make sure you pretreat the stain before you throw it in your dirty clothes hamper. By pretreating your stains, you have a better chance of the stain coming out in the wash. And, if you ever take your clothes to the dry cleaner with a stain, make sure that you point it and identify the type of stain it is so they have a better chance of removing the stain.

Laundry Tips for College Students #5: Use Cold Water

When you look at the washing machine or dryer, you'll notice that there are multiple settings. While we could tell you to pay attention to the washing instructions on the tag in your clothes, it might be better if you just washed all your clothes and linens in cold water. Cold water is generally appropriate for most laundry and is effective at cleaning when you use the right amount of detergent.

Laundry Tips for College Students #6: Use the Right Amount of Detergent

Building on the previous laundry tip for college students, it's critically important to use the appropriate amount of laundry detergent. If you don't use enough, your clothes may not get completely clean. However, if you use too much, the detergent may leave residue on your clothes which is equally bad.

On a similar note, don't overfill  the machine. Even if you have the right amount of detergent, if you put too many clothes in the wash, your clothes don't stand a chance at getting clean.

#7 Fold Laundry Immediately from the Dryer

Even if folding laundry isn't your jam, be sure to fold it immediately if you want to avoid that wrinkled, just rolled out of bed look.


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