8 Things You Should Know About Washing Your Sheets and Bedding

Your Bed is Kinda Disgusting

Have you ever given much thought to what happens when you close your eyes at night? Let's pretend that you get a solid eight hours of sleep a night. If we multiply that by 7 days a week - you spend roughly 56 hours a week in bed. At a minimum, that's 56 hours of sweat, drool and dead skin cells. Considering that dust mites feed on dead skin, dust mites then multiple each week you don't wash the sheets. And we haven't even discussed your pillow which rarely (or never) gets washed. Washing your sheets not only provides crisp, cool sheets, but a much healthier space to lay your head.

Washing Your Sheets Gets Rid of Dust Mites

If you have a dust mite allergy, asthma or eczema, dust mites found in your bedding can agitate your senses beyond normal range. In fact, dust mite feces contain a specific allergen that is known to cause or relate to many common skincare problems and allergic activity. Again, washing your sheets may alleviate a lot of your health problems.

Use HOT Water when Washing Your Sheets and Bedding

We often talk about washing your clothing and other linens on cold water; and for the most part cold water is highly effective at washing clothes and killing germs. However, we find that hot water is the most effective at killing dust mites and bacteria from bedding.

What if you Didn't Make Your Bed?

A number of articles and speeches have been made promoting the value of starting each day off on the right foot by simply making your bed, but have we ever given thought to what that means? Remember, we often sweat all night in that bed. So, by making the bed as soon as we wake up, we essentially trap all that moisture inside the bed which makes your bed even more susceptible to dust mites. While we completely agree that making your bed is a good idea, perhaps you wait until mid-morning so your bedroom has a chance to properly ventilate.

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