How to Attract New Customers to Your Laundromat

Laundry Equipment Dealers in AshevilleIn generations past attracting customers to your laundromat was not all that hard. A nice, clean environment and working washers and dryers were about all you needed. In this more modern time however, it is much more competitive and small business owners must work harder to stay ahead of the competition. Many people are willing to drive a little further and pay a bit more for a nice experience, even the experience of doing the laundry. Doing the laundry is one of the least glamorous parts of the week. Making it a more pleasurable experience can go a long way toward improving this chore for customers. This means more loyal customers and a better bottom line for you. Are you searching for reliable laundry equipment dealers in Asheville? T & L is the number one choice for laundromat owners and laundry services in Western NC. Call us now for a free estimate.

One of the best things you can do to attract customers to your laundromat is to improve the curb appeal of your storefront. Clean up the outside with a great paint color and an eye catching sign. Check to be sure your lighting is working at all times. It may seem silly but make sure your sign reflects clearly what business you are in. If folks can't tell you are a laundromat then they will pass you by. Make it a point to check your exterior daily for trash and other debris. Do a monthly maintenance check on the rest.

If you want to attract young families a children's area is a good way to do this. It does not require much. Add a couple of small tables with chairs, books, crayons, paper, and maybe a few toys and you will have something for the kids to do while their parents do laundry. This is a huge help for tired parents who need to get this chore done.

Adding some kind of refreshment is a good tactic as well. Free coffee for patrons or free cookies for the children will go a long way toward making your business attractive. Adding a few good vending machines for drinks and snacks will help as well.

Just as you have done outside, make the inside of your laundromat inviting as well. A really clean business is important. Make certain your employees are constantly picking up and emptying the trash. Make sure your restrooms are clean and well stocked. Provide enough tables for folding and chairs for sitting. If you provide WiFi we suggest you post this information and any passwords needed. This is a great incentive these days when everyone is technology driven.

Promotions are also a good way to gain business. Offering coupons, direct mail promotions, and social media are all good ways to increase customer traffic to your laundromat. Make sure that your hours of operation and address are clearly spelled out on any promotions you  do.

Trusted Laundry Equipment Dealers in Asheville

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