Awesome Back to School Marketing Ideas for Laundromats

Commercial Coin Operated Laundry Equipment in Greensboro, NCThere are quite a few ideas out there that can help you with your back to school marketing. As a laundromat, it's important to target students in and around universities in your area. After all, they'll need to do laundry at some point. Many of them do not have the luxury of going back home or having a washer and dryer within their dorm room or apartment. Below, you will find tips that can help you target these students with back to school marketing. If you need to buy commercial coin operated laundry equipment in Greensboro, NC, call T & L for big savings.

Back to School Marketing Ideas for Your Laundromat

Offer free coffee to students who are doing their laundry after school hours. They can come and have coffee while they do homework or study for a test and wash and dry their clothing at the same time.

Offer a discount during school hours. While no student should be skipping class to do laundry, they may have a free period during the day. Offering a discount during this time will get foot traffic in during the day.

Also, consider offering a percentage off during the first couple of months of school. This will be a great way to get kids in, especially those who might not know about your laundromat.

Customer loyalty programs are great for students and teachers. As we mentioned above, students might have free periods during the day. That means teachers might, as well. Why not offer a customer loyalty program to both students and teachers?

Offer free snacks once a week in the evenings. Sometimes, students and teachers may not be able to get to the laundromat until later evening hours. Consider 7 to 10 PM when planning this marketing tactic. Chances are your customers will be doing homework or grading papers. Allowing them to grab a snack at the same time can help them multitask in a productive way.

Consider offering a free gift that is school related with each load of laundry. A pack of pencils, flash drive, pens, notebooks and other things that will be helpful for students are all great incentives. Be sure to have your logo placed on each item.

To learn more about how you can target students as they come back to school from the summer, stay tuned. Our next blog post will offer more tips!

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