How to Perform a Background Check on Your New Laundromat Employee

North Carolina laundromat equipmentOnce you have narrowed the candidates for your open position down to the final few, you'll want to perform a background check. However, knowing how to go about conducting the check and the right way to handle issues you see on these reports can be tricky. Searching for the best prices on North Carolina laundromat equipment? Call T & L right now to get the best savings!

Know the Law
Haphazardly conducted background checks can cause significant legal issues for your company. Before you perform a background check on any potential employee, you'll need to talk with a lawyer who is familiar with local laws and can help you understand what information you are able to access under your state's guidelines. Ensure that the background reporting tool you are using is Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant. This set of laws governs what you can and cannot do as part of a background check with regards to credit information. Your state or local government may also have additional laws that limit the information you have access to for specific types of employees.

Develop Your Process
Once you understand the legal guidelines you need to follow regarding background checks, you'll need to develop an internal process to decide which employee types are screened and what the process looks like. Don't forget that you will need to have the candidate consent to a background check in writing in most states. Choose the information that is most important for you to have access to. You may not care about a potential employee's driving record if they are performing customer service duties but checking their criminal history and credit report may be important if they will be handling funds in your business. Take the background check process seriously and pay attention to the valuable information that is obtained.

Know What to Include
When conducting a background investigation, there are a few essential checks that you will want the company that you are using to perform on your candidate.

  • Address history check - Knowing where a candidate has lived previously can help you verify other information and may help you focus on areas where criminal checks should be performed.
  • Criminal records check - Running this check will give you access to all national and county court records.
  • Sex offender registry check¬†- While this is included in most background checks, this is one component that is particularly important to pay attention to when you are hiring someone for a position of trust within your business.
  • Social Security validation - Verifying a potential hire's Social Security number helps you see all names and aliases they may have used. With this information, you may find criminal records or additional locations that the person has lived in that were undisclosed.
  • Other reports that may be helpful to have include a credit report, state and professional licensing records, military service records, student transcripts, and worker's compensation claims.

Clear Up Mistakes
Once the checks have been concluded, talk with your potential hire about any information that raises a red flag for you. It is possible that the information you received is inaccurate. Giving a candidate a chance to explain incorrect information can help save a great hire.

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