The Benefits of Using Facebook Ads for Your Laundromat

Speed Queen Dealers in Raleigh NCYou would have to literally live on another planet to not know how powerful social media is today. If you are a small business owner, you must tap into this huge market that includes Facebook ads. These ads have become one of the best ways to gain exposure and generate traffic for your laundromat. They are also a good way to generate leads, sales, and find new and loyal customers. Facebook is number one in the social networking scene and they only continue to grow. Facebook ads are very cost effective and that alone makes them something a business owner needs to take a good look at. We are going to give you the top reasons why you should be looking at social media for advertising your laundromat. If you're searching for reliable Speed Queen dealers in Raleigh NC, the pros at T & L can help you. Call today to learn more.

The first, and maybe most important, reason is that people are on social media, particularly Facebook, an average of 40 minutes a day. This breaks down to 1.72 hours or 28% of their online time per day. Statistics show that Facebook users are “liking” over 4.1 million posts per minute. Not to mention the comments, photos, and status updating they do. It is amazing how much time Americans spend engaging on Facebook. That being said there are only an estimated 2 million advertisers. What a missed opportunity. Your laundromat needs a Facebook page!

Other statistics show that 1.55 billion folks log in to their Facebook page each month. In fact, this past August founder Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that Facebook hit more than 1 billion users logging in on one day. This is a huge grouping of potential customers for your laundromat. All you need to do is connect with them via Facebook. Utilizing Facebook ads is the way to achieve this.

One big question most business owners want to know relates to the cost of Facebook ads. One way to figure this is based on the fact that a typical $50 ad will reach between 5,000-10,000 people. The other great thing is that you can customize your target audience. Facebook ads offer tools to help you gain the maximum reach, they are easy to design and to implement. You can add in call buttons with your phone number and immediately gain a lead. The information is saved, and you get the info needed to add a new customer.

All of these innovative ideas are good marketing for a laundromat owner. Explore this technology and be creative.

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