Benefits of Using Speed Queen Insights, Part Three

Speed Queen dealers in RaleighWe've been talking about Speed Queen Insights since the fall and now the system is in full swing and operating in laundromats around the nation! Here, we talk about more if the benefits you'll gain when choosing to offer your customers Speed Queen Insights. Looking for reliable Speed Queen dealers in Raleigh? Call T & L!

Repeat business is always welcome for business owners. This is also true for laundromat owners. Offering loyalty rewards has never been easier for repeat customers than when using the Speed Queen Insights app! Your valued customers will be able to save money with the rewards system without you having to keep up with their visits. The app does everything for you.

For ease of use, the app can notify users on their smartphones when their laundry loads are done so that they can run errands while their clothes wash.

Fraud and theft are always concerns when it comes to credit or debit card usage on the internet or within a mobile app. However, Speed Queen Insights offers a mobile wallet on the app that is safe and secure for customers to use. In fact, most mobile wallets are a secure way to pay according to Their website states that "The data stored in mobile wallets are encrypted, meaning your actual card account numbers aren’t transmitted while making a payment. Mobile wallets use random payment codes that cannot be used again and often rely on certain security features, including biometrics, to authorize a payment. Furthermore, your full card account number isn’t displayed anywhere in a mobile wallet, meaning prying eyes won’t be able to capture your card number for future use."

Dependable Speed Queen Dealers in Raleigh

Call now to learn more about Speed Queen Insights. Our Speed Queen dealers in Raleigh, NC are standing by to tell you all about this innovative system that benefits both laundromat owners and their customers.

T & L has been operating for more than four decades. Within that time, we have made it our goal to offer the best machines at the best prices. The benefits you’ll gain from trusting Speed Queen washers and dryers are incomparable.

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