The Best Laundry Equipment to Prevent MRSA

Huebsch Dealers in Charlotte, NCChoosing the right laundry equipment is important for everyone. In situations where bacterial infections like MRSA could be a problem, it's essential to have washers and dryers that can work to prevent this bacteria from spreading.

Here, you will find tips that help you not only choose the right type of equipment, but also choose those that will work effectively, efficiently and in a way that saves energy, water and gas.

If your facility has high traffic for laundry, it's important that you choose equipment that can withstand constant usage. If the washer and dryer cannot handle laundering contaminated clothing, uniforms, towels or linens you might end up with piles of unwashed material laying around. This is where bacteria like MRSA tends to develop and thrive.

Consider investing in a washer that is freestanding and high speed. They not only clean more productively, but they also do so in a shorter amount of time. Even better, these units save water, energy and gas. They also have a higher extraction speeds and help cut time in the dryer by more than 25 percent.

Unlike hard mount washers that are bolted to the floor, these freestanding units are able to be installed and relocated without any trouble. This means installation of this type of machine will actually save money.

In addition to choosing a washer and dryer that can handle high traffic and works more quickly, it's important to choose one that is programmable. In our previous blog post, we talked about laundering contaminated material at high temperatures. With the programmable washer and dryer, you are able to adjust temperatures, mechanical action, extractions speed and water levels. Being able to select various options will ensure that laundry is properly cleaned and rid of all contaminants.

Also make sure the programmable washer extractor has an option for automatic injection. With this, you can program when bleach, softeners and other chemicals enter into the wash cycle.

With a programmable unit, you are taking any difficulties out of the overall laundry process. Almost anyone can handle washing and drying without forgetting a step. You won't have to worry about whether or not laundry is being properly clean or de-contaminated.

We hope this information helps you choose the best laundry equipment for your facility. Remember, choosing a unit that can help reduce wash and drying time plus properly clean contaminated materials essential.

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