Best Payment System for Your Laundromat

Continental Girbau service in CharlotteOne of the biggest trends in today’s society is a huge move toward cashless payment. Debit and credit card payments are now the new normal for many consumers. Most do not carry cash at all. For decades, the self-serve laundry industry relied on a coin payment system. These coins were placed into the mechanism attached to the machine and the machine then could be used by the consumer. Many laundromats continue this same payment method today. However, like other self-serve businesses in today’s ever-changing marketplace, laundromats are having to adapt to this new cashless society. If you're searching for the best Speed Queen or Continental Girbau service in Charlotte, call T & L today.

So how does a laundromat owner figure out the best payment system for their business? When you begin to investigate options, you will find that the choices range from change machines, token systems, coin drops, coin sliders, hybrid coin/card, loyalty cards, credit/debit card, mobile cards, and full laundry management systems. It is no wonder you can become quickly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices available.

The right decision can be decided by asking yourself two questions. How do you plan to run your business? What do your customers want? Both of these questions will help you determine if you need a coin operated business or a card system. You may even decide that both options are needed for your laundromat.

In times past there was only one option available and that was coin operated. This system has worked well for many years. Even with the many different systems today this remains the most widely used. Because of security risk of vandalism and theft some laundromats have gone to a token system. This has proven to be a safe alternative to coins. It also has encouraged customer loyalty. If a coin operated system is a good fit for you then you will want to have a change machine. If you like the idea of tokens this is an option on many change machines.

As our society has resorted to using cards more often you may like the option of a hybrid system. This allows the customer to use coins or a card. This could be the best long-term option for you. This gives everyone the option they might prefer and can last long term for you as a laundromat owner. Looking to your future this can be the solution to keeping all of your customers loyal to your laundromat and maintaining a successful business.

The trend toward cashless payments will likely only grow stronger in the future. Staying ahead of this trend as a laundromat owner means you will continue to have a good business with many loyal customers.

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