Boiler Maintenance Tips for Commercial Laundry

Laundromat Repair in Raleigh, NCLike any other equipment in your laundromat, your boiler requires routine inspections and preventative maintenance. National Boiler Codes specifically require that all commercial boilers be inspected by a licensed boiler contractor annually. However, most boilers should be cleaned, serviced, and inspected twice a year. Keep a detailed record of the work you have done to your boiler and of the baseline conditions of your boiler. These records are crucial for telling the story of your equipment. Having this information readily available in the event of an emergency or repair need for your boiler can shorten the time it takes for a technician to diagnose the problem. When you inspect your boiler, make a checklist to help ensure that you don't overlook a crucial component. These are the recommended areas that should routinely be checked. If you need laundromat repair in Raleigh, NC, T & L can help. Call us today.

Begin with the Burner
One of the most crucial components of your boiler is the burner. Remove the burner from the unit and inspect the coils inside and outside the combustion chamber. As you perform this and other steps, take care to notice whether the electrical connections are secure.

Perform an Inspection of the Vent Pipe
Condensate is acidic and can corrode and eat through the vent pipe material. What is condensate? It is the white powdery residue that is left in your vent pipe after condensation has taken place. Maintaining your stack temperature above the minimums suggested by the manufacturer can help prevent this.

Give the Flue Passages a Check
The state of your flue passages can tell you a lot about your boiler system. Moisture in your vent pipe indicates that your system is running too cold. However, the presence of soot in the flue passage can suggest that your boiler is lacking in combustion air or is running rich.

Check the Spark Rods
Spark and flame-sensing rods need to be regularly inspected to make sure that they are appropriately spaced. There should be no hairline fractures in the ceramic retainer that holds each of these rods in place.

Fans and Blowers
Clean the fan and blower components of the built up dirt and inspect them for damage. Damage to fan blades can be hidden by a coating of dust and could cause further damage to your boiler. Air filters should also be cleaned or replaced during this time.

Interlocks and Safeties
Remember that the burner can be enabled while you perform your inspection, but closing the gas cock is a must in order to prevent the main burner from firing. To check the low pressure safeties, remove the gas pressure. High pressure safeties can be tested by setting the safety's set point below the current gas pressure if the circuit opens the safety is working correctly.

Combustion Air Proving Switches
Remove the air lines to make sure that the switches will open. Return the purge timer to the factory setting and test the purge timer.

Block Valve Check
Attach a hose to the port of the block valve and place the end of the tube into a jug or bucket of water. The presence of bubbles indicates that your valve has leaks and should be replaced. Remember that if your unit has double block and bleed valves the bleed valve will need to be closed in order to test the block valves.

Remember to Check the Flue Gasses
Monitor the carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen levels while your boiler is running at its full operating temperature. The combustion analyzer is the only way to test and adjust sealed combustion boilers effectively.

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