How to Buy the Best Washer and Dryer for the Fire Station

Maytag Dealers in Greensboro, NCFighting fire is a dangerous job. Not only are people putting themselves at risk of injury and death, they're also exposing themselves to toxic contaminants. It's important that turnout gear is cleaned properly. That's why there are standards and codes set by the NFPA.

These regulations make sure firefighters and departments do what it takes to properly clean the gear. This decreases the risks of health and safety issues. When you're tired of looking for Maytag dealers in Greensboro, NC, call the pros at T & L. You'll love our prices and services for Speed Queen and Continental on-site laundry machines.

Many firehouses need help choosing the best washer and dryer for their station. Below, you will find several tips that might help.

Because of the turnout gear materials, washing temperatures cannot exceed 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, high temps during drying time are not permitted, either. That means purchasing washers and dryers that work within these guidelines is key. Additionally, extraction speeds should not surpass 100 G-forces.

Before laundry equipment is able to be installed in fire stations, proper testing and inspection should be done. These are all requirements of the NFPA.

Rules must be followed because many of the toxic contaminants firefighters come into contact with can cause cancer and other diseases.

With this in mind, it's also important to note that washing machines will be used quite often. That means the fire station should purchase equipment that can withstand this level of use. Not only will it save money in the long run, it will also keep turnout gear maintained and properly clean without excessive wear and tear.

Typical turnout gear should last at least 10 years. Using other machines could cause the lifespan to dwindle drastically. The right washers and dryers can actually maximize the lifespan of turnout gear.

We hope this information helps you better understand why you should choose the best washer and dryer system for your firehouse. If you have questions about what we have to offer, be sure to contact us. We can help you choose the best washer and dryer for your needs.

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