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6 Places to Install Security Cameras for a Safer Laundromat

When you decide to open a commercial laundromat, not only should you be concerned with financial viability, but also with the safety of yourself and your customers. Considering that many laundromats operate 24/7, we find that not only are they often left unattended, but they are also particularly susceptible to vandalism and theft during those…
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5 Laundry Tips Guaranteed to Save You Time this Holiday Season

We have an ongoing debate amongst ourselves every holiday season - is this the "most wonderful time of the year," OR "the most chaotic time of year?" And the answer is usually the same - BOTH! Between holiday shopping, party hosting, meal prepping and dress-up week at school, the holiday season can be a mess…
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How to Properly Clean Your Table Linens Before the Holidays (Part 2)

Last week, we started a discussion about how to properly clean your table linens before the holidays. While Thanksgiving may be behind us now, let's not forget that we're about to enter the "Super Bowl" of entertaining. That's right, Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or some other holiday, December is packed full of…
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