How to Choose the Right Dryer Cycle at the Laundromat

Commercial Dryer NCWhile doing laundry may not be your favorite chore, clean clothes are a necessity.

Following the garment manufacturer's suggested care instructions on your clothing helps extend the life of the item as well as protect the fabrics. Exposing your item to harsh chemicals or high heat can cause delicate fibers to break down or wear out. As a result, the life of your garment is significantly shortened.

Harsh detergents are tough on delicate fibers. Most people know that for more delicate fabrics they need to choose gentler detergents, however, what most people don't realize is that most of the damage that is done to a garment during the washing and drying process actually occurs in the dryer.

When you overheat your items by using a temperature that is too high, the fibers begin to break down. This is a problem across all fibers, not just fine fibers. This high heat breakdown occurs in tougher fabrics like towels and denim just as often as it occurs in delicate items. Here are some tips to help you avoid damaging your items in the drying process.

  • Check the care instructions on the label of your garments as they come out of the washing machine. Sort the clothes to be dried by the heat setting and then adjust your dryer temperature accordingly per load.
  • High temperature settings should be used for heavy duty items like jeans, sweatshirts, towels, sheets and pants.
  • Athletic wear should be dried at a medium temperature setting due to the high content of elastic and lycra in these garments.
  • Rayon and silk should be dried at medium temperature with like fabrics to avoid snags and damaging impacts on the fabric.
  • Use low or tumble dry settings for garments that are delicate or that have pet hair or lint on them that you wish to remove.
  • Avoid wrinkles in your clothing when you can't remove them from the dryer right away by using the timed tumble feature on the dryer.
  • Need to remove wrinkles from a garment quickly? Place a damp washcloth in with your garment and set the heat to the appropriate temperature for the fabric. Let the dryer run for ten to fifteen minutes, remove from dryer and touch up as needed with steamer or iron.

When washing large items like comforters and loads of sheets which can easily become tangled in the drying process, stop the dryer every 20 minutes or so to untangle the items and resume the drying process. This can help shorten the overall drying time and reduce the chances of your items being damp in the middle.

Choosing the right dryer setting not only reduces the amount of time you will spend at the laundromat it also helps ensure that your clothes and linens will provide you years of enjoyment.

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