Choosing the Right Equipment for Your College or University Laundry Room

laundry equipment for colleges in NCDoes your college or university have a revamp of the dorm laundry room on its to-do list for winter break? At T & L Laundry Equipment we know that selecting the right equipment and payment system for your school's vended laundry is key. Balancing functionality, convenience, and budget can be tough. However, with a knowledgeable partner with more than 40 years of industry experience and valuable relationships in the industry to help guide you during the selection process you can rest assured that your school will end up with the best solution at the right price. Need to buy laundry equipment for colleges in NC? Call T & L! We can help you save time and money.

Let's Talk Tech
Technology is everywhere. Most likely your school's dorms are already configured for Wi-Fi and connected internet access. With the advancements in card reader technology and the integration of these systems onto the commercial capacity machines carried by T & L Laundry Equipment, your laundry room can now be cashless. Imagine giving your students the ability to use their student ID card with a magnetic strip as a way to pay for purchases at the bookstore, access their meal plan in the cafeteria, and swipe to pay at the washer or dryer in their dorm. It's possible! By leveraging our close relationships with different card companies throughout the industry, T & L can help make this a reality for your staff and students.

Why Go Cashless?
A recent study conducted by Capital One found that one-third of millennials don't carry cash anymore. Statistics in this study also found that this group was more likely to deem paying for something with cash as inconvenient. Knowing this, the case for moving your on-campus laundry from a cash-based system to a cashless operation makes sense. Your students are less likely to have the cash that they need for a coin-operated machine on them than ever before. In addition to making it more convenient for students to do their laundry on campus, installing a cashless system increases the security and simplicity of your onsite laundry. With cashless systems in place, you no longer have to worry about theft or vandalism to the machines. Students will be less likely to overfill washing machines simply because they are short on ready cash which will reduce the number of problems in your laundry room and the demand on your facility maintenance team.

Superior Control
Opting for a cashless system benefits the school as well. Most card systems offer a single platform where pricing and reporting can be controlled. Imagine being able to program the price on all of your machines on campus with a few clicks of the mouse. You can set peak time pricing and generate additional revenue for your institution and help encourage students to do their laundry at off-peak hours to reduce congestion in your laundry room facilities. You also have the ability to lock out machines that are malfunctioning or prevent students from accessing machines during certain hours. Reporting income from your machines is now more simple and accurate than ever before. Built-in reporting software can help you track income and expenses for your machines with an easy to read spreadsheet and dashboard.

Student Benefits
Campus life is hectic, and students are always looking for ways to be more efficient with their time. Many card reader systems also offer the ability for students to use their smartphone to pay for their wash or dry. An app based payment system lets students use Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other payment apps to start their wash. Many card reader companies also offer proprietary apps which allow students to load money on to their account and use it to pay. These apps offer the ability for administrators to encourage the use of on-campus laundries by activating loyalty programs that reward students with free washes, free dryer time, and other perks.

Other High Tech Benefits
Another feature which helps students and administrators is the ability to track available machines and completed wash cycles on the student's smartphone. Many vended laundry apps have a QR code scanner built into them. Once a student loads their laundry into the machine, they scan the QR code on the front of the machine. When their cycle completes, the student is notified via text so that they can change loads. The same app allows students to check for availability of machines in the laundry room in real time. No more wasted trips to the laundry room or forgetting about clothes!

Payment technology is rapidly changing the way students can pay for their laundry and is adding even greater control and convenience for them. Speed Queen, one of America's oldest and most reliable commercial laundry equipment companies, has debuted new cashless payment technology that is set to revolutionize the way that people pay for and access vended laundries. The Speed Queen machines come fully equipped with the latest in card reader technology. No need to try and retrofit machines or find a card reader that works with your students' existing ID card. All your laundry room needs is Wi-Fi access or a router to plug the machines into.

Best Laundry Equipment for Colleges in NC

Want to learn more about all the ways a cashless payment system can help you revolutionize on-campus laundry for your students? Call T & L Laundry Equipment today and set up a complimentary onsite evaluation with one of our laundry experts. We can help you maximize your laundry room's potential through a redesigned layout, state of the art equipment and worry-free maintenance contracts.

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