Why Comfy Seating Is Important for Your Laundromat!

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When it comes to selecting the right equipment for your laundromat your mind automatically goes to the types of washers and dryers you will be purchasing. Maybe even how large your water heater will be or what type of point of sale system you will be using. What if I told you that the seats in your laundromat will determine part of your profit from your business?

That's right! The seating for your customers affects your bottom line. Here's how! If you're in need of commercial coin operated laundry equipment in Greenville, SC, make the call to T & L today! We will save you money!

Why Comfortable Seating Is So Important for Your Laundromat!

Let’s suppose it's Saturday afternoon and you have three loads of laundry to do, two hungry kids and one dinner party to make it to by 6:00pm. You haul all the clothes and the kids into the laundromat. After dumping the clothes into the washers, pouring in the detergent and stacking your laundry baskets you look around. Hard plastic chairs. You grab the kids and walk across the street to the convenience store to grab snacks and sit in your car while you wait for your loads to finish.

This story would be a little bit different if the coin-op owner had thought ahead and put cushioned seats in the facility. After putting in the loads to wash, you may have looked around and realized there are comfortable chairs for the kids to sit in and play on while you visit the soda and snack machines and get them something to munch on. While you're at the soda and snack machines you notice a large poster advertising the wash-fold-dry service - something that would really save you time every week.

By making your customers' comfort important, you encourage them to stay in your facility longer. When they stay in your facility longer they have a chance to enjoy your complimentary wifi and cable television. They become comfortable in the environment and feel good that they are getting their laundry done and getting a chance to relax and watch a little television.

Feeling comfortable in your facility encourages people to return to do business with you again. A clean, bright laundromat with nice amenities feels welcoming and natural. Sinking into a cushioned chair while you wait for your laundry to dry with nothing to do but play on your phone or have a snack feels almost luxurious in today's fast paced society. The positive feelings that this experience evokes breeds customer loyalty.

It may sound far fetched but just think about how much revenue you would make if everyone spent $3.00 or $4.00 in your snack machines throughout the week. Comfortable seating may be a little more expensive to purchase and maintain but the benefits and potential for additional revenue outweigh the expense.

Comfortable seating can also become a marketing tool. While other laundromats have hard, plastic seating - you can invite your customers to do their laundry in comfort. Emphasizing your padded chairs, free wifi and cable television service makes a trip to the laundromat sound pretty good. Being able to set yourself apart from your competitors is important. Every detail helps add to the image you are working to give your business.

Ask your T & L sales representative about other ways to set your business apart. Our extensive experience in setting up coin-op laundromats makes us a leader in the industry and we are happy and willing to put that information to work for your business.

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T & L Equipment Company is here to help you any way we can. Call us today so we can help you build a new laundry business or facility with top quality Speed Queen equipment, or replace your old washers and dryers with newer units that are durable and energy efficient. We know that investing in commercial laundry equipment is no small project, so were are here to make it easier. Make the choice to partner with us so you can have access to the best commercial coin operated laundry equipment in Greenville, SC.

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