Use Only the Best Vended Laundry Equipment for Your Firehouse

Laundry Equipment in North CarolinaHaving top vended laundry equipment, in house, at your fire station could save time, money and keep fire gear from getting damaged or worn from too many unsuccessful laundry cycles from residential machines or outdated equipment. Commercial laundry equipment is very beneficial for firehouses. Here's why:

  • Many times, washing more than once is required when relying on laundromats or dry cleaning facilities to launder equipment. This is also true when using residential machines.
  • Unfortunately, it’s expensive and time consuming to use machines that aren't best for fire gear. Multiple washings will cost more and could damage gear.
  • The best option, the one that offers the most benefits, is to have laundry equipment right in the department.
  • There’s no need to rewash and dry to get a better clean when you’re using the most efficient, state-of-the-art machines by Speed Queen and Continental Girbau.
  • Not only will you get a better clean on the first wash, but you’ll also find that our washers and dryers prolong the life of firefighting gear.
  • There is less wear and tear, color fading and other problems that multiple cycles of washings and dryings can cause.

Stay tuned for more on why you should consider the best vended laundry equipment for your firehouse. If you have any questions, contact us now.

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