Why Your Commercial Washing Machine Is Leaking

Commercial Washer in Charlotte, NCWhile you're busy making the rounds at your laundromat checking on customers and emptying trash cans, it happens - splash! You've just stepped into a puddle of water on the floor of your laundromat. A leaking washer doesn't always mean a big repair bill. The laundry pros at T & L Laundry Equipment have a list of tips and tricks for you to try to fix that leaky machine on your own.

  • For front load machines:
    • Water leaks from the front of the machine by the door seal can indicate a problem with the seal. Detergent and other items like coins, paper clips, keys and bobby pins can become trapped in the groove and push the rubber seal out of the way. Remove the item and check the seal for holes or tears. Another common cause of leaks around the door of your machine can be product buildup around the seal that isn't allowing the door to close properly. One last check: Make sure the door is lining up with the opening properly. Adjust the hinges if needed.
    • Leak in the back overflow? Check the detergent. Oversudsing from non-HE detergents is the most common culprit. Give the inlet and drain hoses a check to ensure that they are not blocked.
    • If the source of your leak is under the machine, the chances are that the inner and outer drum seal has broken. It's probably time to call T & L for service.
  • For top load washers:
    • If the trail of water has led you to the back of your machine, then your first check should be the drain hose. Ensure that it is securely in the drainpipe. If it is in the proper place, check for clogs in the drain hose. Connections on the fill hoses and the rubber washers inside the connections of these hoses should be checked as well. One last check: look at the fill hose for small cracks or pin holes.
    • Is the machine overflowing? This is a job for T & L's expert service technicians. This is a sign of a pressure switch or water valve problem.
    • If the trail of water leads you under the washer it's time to call T & L. Water leaks under the machine are most often a problem with the water pump.

Affordable Vended Dryer and Commercial Washer in Charlotte, NC

At T & L Laundry Equipment we offer our customers planned maintenance agreements that allow you to have your machines cleaned, inspected and repaired routinely. This keeps the water off your floor, your machines running at peak efficiency and your customers happy! Ask your representative about this and other great solutions for your laundromat.

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