Common Laundromat User Mistakes: Too Much Water

Laundromat Equipment in GreenvilleLaundromats are a great place for users when they need somewhere to wash and dry their clothing. However, there are some mistakes that users make and never even realize they are doing so. Here, you will find one of the most commonly made mistakes by laundromat users. If you're searching for the best prices on new or used laundromat equipment in Greenville, call T & L Laundry Equipment today.

Most washers at the laundromat have settings that determine how much water can be used in a machine. Customers often feel like the water level isn’t enough to get their clothes as clean as possible. However, there are a few different levels that can be chosen on most machines. Each level has an acceptable amount of water for cleaning properly.

Even when customers of a laundromat assume that there’s not enough water, there often is. Here, you will find several facts that will help users better understand why more water isn’t always a good solution in a laundromat.

  • With vended laundry equipment, the movement during the wash cycle is often more important than the amount of water in the machine. Less water allows for more movement and agitation.
  • The mechanical action of the machine is the biggest factor in getting your clothing clean. However, the movement of the clothing in the washer is the main component in breaking down dirt and stains.
  • As we just mentioned above, when too much water is used in a machine the movement and agitation needed to break down dirt and stains doesn't occur. Excessive water levels lead to less movement, therefore clothing will not be able to get as clean as possible.

As the laundromat owner, it’s important to be conscious of water levels and have a good understanding of how much water is necessary for properly cleaning clothes. That way, owners will be able to talk with their customers and help them understand water levels and why too much water can often be counterproductive.

To learn more about mistakes laundromat users can make, be sure to visit with our next blog post. There we will talk about soap use and why using too much soap can be problematic.

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  1. Well simply not enough water is being used. My clothing is coming out dirty with crud spots still there. Yeah if you put in a 1/2 load or less it will work but the point of a front loader is you should be able to pack you clothes in. That's why the say they can wash 3x loads. I find the old machines will work and will clean over stuffed loads. The tumble the load and add water to the proper level. They will use less water for a small load and more water for large large load. The new machines measure an exact amount of water no mater the size of the load. Of course the machines are set for the smallest load possible. I tested this by weighing my load for the stated load. My clothes came out with dry spots. I got my money back and found an old machine that washed my clothes with no problem.

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