Common Laundromat User Mistakes: Too Much Soap

commercial washer in North CarolinaHave you ever been guilty of using too much soap or laundry detergent when doing your laundry? If so, you’re not alone. Many people who visit a laundromat are also guilty of using too much soap. However, as a laundromat owner, it’s important to understand why too much soap can be problematic. Here, you’ll find out how. Do you need a new or used commercial washer in North Carolina? T & L can help you. Call us today for a free quote!

  • Soap is activated by water. If there’s a proper amount of water in the machine, there won’t be a need for extra soap. However, as we mentioned in our previous blog post, using too much water can be problematic, as well.
  • Soap breaks the surface tension of the water in order to activate the detergent.
  • Using less soap saves the customer money. When using more than necessary, the detergent is often wasted and could be saved for a different load.
  • When using too much soap it can be difficult to remove it from the clothing being washed. Many times, an additional rinse can help ensure the extra soap is removed but it’s possible there will still be residue on the clothing.
  • Soap residue that was left on clothing can cause a skin irritation or rash.
  • Soap residue can be left inside the machine after a wash cycle. When this is the case there’s almost no way to remove it without another cycle going through. At times, there’s enough soap left over that the next cycle may not even need to add any.
  • Many new and updated washers produce very few suds and bubbles. This does not mean that more soap should be added. It just means that the mechanical structure of the washer moves in a way that does not produce excessive suds.
  • Keep in mind that fabric softener will reduce bubbles and suds in machines that are not updated with latest technology. Extra soap is not needed in this case, either.

We hope this information helps you better understand why extra soap isn't necessary, what kinds of problems too much soap can cause, and how to educate your customers. To learn more about other mistakes that can be made in the laundromat, like too much water in the machine, check back with our last post.

New and Used Commercial Washer in North Carolina

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