Common Laundromat User Mistakes: Fabric Softener

opening a laundromat in NCFabric softener is used by many at home or in the laundromat. Unfortunately, using too much can cause issues. As we've talked about in our previous blogs, laundromat users can make a few mistakes  even though they're aiming to do the right thing. Using too much water,  putting in more soap than needed, using excessive drying heat, or too much fabric softener, all of these things can cause issues with machines and cost users more than necessary. For example, if too much soap is used, purchasing a new bottle sooner than otherwise needed is an additional cost. Are you interested in opening a laundromat in NC? Call T & L today. We can help you every step of the way.

Using too much fabric softener can leave a residue in washers that is difficult to clean. In addition, it can cause skin irritation when clothing is worn. The softener can't wash out of the clothing if too much is used in the wash.

If you missed other blogs in this series, check back with those to learn more about what kinds of mistakes that can be made.

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Tips for Opening a Laundromat in NC

Opening a laundromat in NC is more than just buying washers and dryers. It’s more than putting them in a building and hanging an “open” sign up. There are costs, competitors, and pitfalls. Because of this, those choosing to open a new business deserve to work with the best.

T & L takes the time to seek what's best for our customers. That means finding a longer warranty for machines, going above and beyond in helping out with troubleshooting, repairing, and even researching problems that need a fix. We work to save consumers time, effort, and money. Our hands-on approach allows us to not only provide a turnkey laundromat but to also help install, maintain, repair, and teach you to use the equipment. If you’re ready to start a new venture opening a laundromat in NC, contact us.

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