These Things Are Costing You Money in Your Onsite Laundry Room – Part 2

Huebsch Dealers in Greensboro, NCAs we continue our series on ways that your onsite laundry is costing you additional money, we turn our attention to the most common issue that the T & L Laundry Equipment team sees. In addition to overuse or inaccurate measurement of laundry cleaning solutions and overloading the washer or dryer, most onsite laundries are not adequately maintained. Failing to maintain the equipment in your laundry can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Here's why. Tired of working with Huebsch dealers in Greensboro, NC? Call T & L! We can save you time and money.

Damage to Your Linens
When you put your towels, tablecloths, or sheets into your commercial grade washer or dryer, you expect to get clean linens. However, if your machine has not been appropriately cleaned or maintained by a professional company, you could be pulling out damaged, soiled, or unclean linens. The reason? When chemicals and detergent build up inside your washing machine, they need to be cleaned out. Additionally, items can damage or stain the inside of your machines and transfer on to subsequent loads. Broken or damaged components in your machines can cause rips, snags, or other damage to your towels, tablecloths, or sheets.

Equipment Failure
Did you know that failing to maintain your machine can shorten the lifespan of your equipment? Failing to have your equipment cleaned and inspected by a professional can result in the loss of use of the machine, increased utility usage, water leaks, electrical issues, or failure of the entire unit. Routine maintenance allows your machines to be inspected creating an opportunity for small problems to be identified before they become more serious issues.

Using Outdated Equipment
While there is nothing wrong with buying a pre-owned unit, before you do, be sure that you have had it cleaned and inspected by a laundry repair professional. You might be shocked to learn that the money you save by buying a used washer or dryer can quickly be gobbled up by the cost of your utilities to run an older machine. The energy efficiency of newer commercial laundry equipment often makes up for the additional upfront cost. It is also important to consider that many used washers and dryers no longer have a valid warranty so if there are any problems or breakdowns with critical components, you could be paying out of pocket to fix them.

Alternative Huebsch Dealers in Greensboro, NC

If your 2019 plan for your business includes reducing costs and linen loss by bringing the laundering of your sheets, tablecloths, towels, and napkins onsite talk with a T & L Laundry Equipment representative today. For the last 40 years, T & L has helped business owners select the right equipment to meet their business' needs. We proudly offer the complete product line from both Speed Queen and Continental and can make getting the equipment you need easy with our in-house financing. Call today and schedule your complimentary onsite appointment with one of our laundry experts today and see what a difference your own onsite laundry could make to your bottom line.

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