Creating Engaging Blog Content for Your Laundromat’s Website

buy a laundromat in Raleigh NCIn the conclusion of our series on creating a blog for your laundromat, we turn our attention to how to create content your customers want to read for your blog. Our previous posts included information on why adding a blog to your laundromat's website can help you rank higher in Google's search results and establish yourself as an expert in your area's vended laundry industry. While many laundromat owners are concerned about the amount of time that it would take for them to create their own content, our blog entitled What You Need to Know About Blogging for Your Laundromat can help you come up with content ideas that are not all generated by you but will help you gain website traffic and turn your readers into marketable customers. Here are some tips to create content your customers will want to read. Do you want to buy a laundromat in Raleigh NC? Don't know where to start? Let T & L be your guide! Call now to learn more.

Competitor Comparison
While it may seem like an unconventional marketing strategy, offering your customers a comparison of your services and features with the services and features of your competitors can help them see your brand as unique and valuable. Present the ways your laundromat is special and does things better than other coin-ops in your area.

Employee Profiles
Give your customers an idea of who they will see when they walk in the door of your laundromat. Featuring your staff on your blog is a great way to make your business more personal. Share a picture of each team member along with a bio about them, their interests, and their hobbies. Create a relatable and human aspect of your business by giving your customers an idea of who they will be working with to get their laundry needs met.

Repost Previous Content
Did you write a blog that got a lot of attention? Share it again on your blog during those weeks you're pressed for time or struggling with writer's block. Sharing content again lets readers who missed it the first time have access to that information and allows frequent readers to revisit that topic with you. Either way, you'll know that you have a great post there for your audience and won't have to stress about creating something new. A word to the wise, don't do this too often or your regular readers will lose interest.

Be a Resource
You know what your audience wants and needs. They have told you through their feedback on your posts. Give them what they want! While it may not seem exciting to you, write a list of laundry tips, make a post on what temperature is best for bedding, or give helpful tips on how to use the laundromat more efficiently.

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