Creative Laundromat Ideas to Make Your Business Stand Out

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The stereotypical image of a laundromat is one full of industrial looking equipment, blank walls, dreary atmosphere, and the mind numbing boredom of watching the laundry going around and around. The good news is that this is becoming an image of the past. Laundromats are being re-imagined to cultivate socialization and relaxation while doing one of life’s most dreaded chores. At T & L Laundry Equipment we offer a wide range of products that will make your laundromat stand out. From a wide variety of seating options to ergonomic and adjustable folding tables that come in a dizzying array of colors, we have what you need to create a unique atmosphere in your coin-op. 

One thing we know for certain is that offering free WiFi in this day and age is a must. There are other unique and different ways to make your laundromat stand out and attract both loyal locals and tourists.

Atmosphere - The first way to make your location differ from the competition is to change how your laundromat looks. Pops of color from neon lights being reflected on white tiles and steel can give your space a modern, sleek look. A bright space with a mix of modern and vintage furniture gives the place more of a cozy and homelike atmosphere. Dimming the lights and creating lounge-like seating will attract young singles. Adding an outdoor patio with tables, umbrellas, and comfortable seating will allow customers to enjoy the sunshine and relax outside while their laundry runs. 

Food and Drinks - Expanding your laundromat into a café or bar will offer a new set of conveniences for your clientele. Having a large variety of beers on tap, a barista to make those delicious coffee drinks, or tasty dishes to munch on, will make your coin-op the talk of the town. You will want to have seating so people can enjoy their drinks or food while they wait. When combining the laundromat with a bar, consider the following ideas: themed nights, live music performances, karaoke, installation of a section of arcade games or set up games like bocce ball, shuffleboard table and pool.

Online Account - Online accounts are perfect for everyone. Coming up with enough quarters or having cash is becoming a thing of the past. Making your laundromat more convenient by allowing customers to set up an online account and add money via a credit or debit card will make the cash issue non-existent and create loyal customers. 

Other Unique Ideas - Fill the area underneath a counter with books. Customers can grab a book, find a comfy chair or couch and lose themselves in a good read. Don't forget those kid's books! Another idea would be to merge with a hair salon. Customers can get their hair washed, cut and styled while their laundry is being washed and dried. Walking out with clean laundry and a new do could be exactly what moms are in need of most. Partnering with a gym so customers can get their exercise in between loads is the perfect solution for those who can’t find time for either  "chore."

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