How to Deal with Laundromat Customer Complaints

Speed Queen Dealers in CharlotteNo business owner wants to hear that one of their customers had a less than stellar experience. When a customer complains, it is important not to take the complaints personally and address the issue in a timely manner. Avoiding complaints is impossible. However, when you turn the focus towards taking care of the customer and resolving the problem, your customers' complaints can actually help your business improve. Here's what you need to know about handling a customer complaint. If you're searching for Speed Queen dealers in Charlotte, make the call to T & L Laundry Equipment. You'll be glad you did!

Listen to What the Customer Has to Say
If the customer confronts you in person, let them have their say. Respond with encouraging phrases but do not interrupt. Nod your head but do not meet their anger with your own emotion. As they calm down, they will begin to see that you are not reacting. Once they have said their piece, then you can offer a solution or an apology.

Restate the Problem
Acknowledge what the customer is saying. If it is a misunderstanding, explain that to the customer. If your employee made a mistake, apologize right away. While you may not agree with the customer and the way they feel, it is important to respect how they perceive the situation and their feelings about it. By repeating to the customer what you think you hear you help lower their defenses and win the right to have your resolution and opinion heard.

Have a Genuine Conversation
After listening, ask for the facts. Once the customer has a chance to calm down, they can tell you exactly what happened and help you get as many details as possible about what actually took place. During this phase, you have the opportunity to win back the customer's trust and help open the door to begin to offer solutions and resolutions.

Offer a Solution
Know what you can and cannot do to appease a customer and then create a solution that falls within these guidelines. Do not over promise to get the customer to like you and then be forced to disappoint them again. Instead, take ownership of the issue and be respectful and courteous while offering the solution.

Follow Up
Once the situation has been resolved, follow up with a quick phone call to make sure everything is okay. The cost of resolution may be minimal, but the impact of handling a customer complaint the right way can result in positive references from even the harshest critic.

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