Determining the Right Amount of Soap for Proper Cleaning at a Laundromat

Speed Queen dealers in South CarolinaOften, customers don’t quite understand how much soap they should be using in washers at the laundromat. This can be a difficult thing to figure out, as the washers are different sizes and often much larger than the ones they might use at home. If you need new or used laundromat equipment, call T & L today. We're the top rated Speed Queen dealers in South Carolina!

There are guidelines on some 20 pound front load washers that suggest a quarter cup of soap. Based on this, you could use 1/3 cup for a 30 pound washer, ½ cup for 40 pound washer and a whole cup for a 60–80 pound washer.

Many times, customers see a large washer and assume that more soap is needed to make sure their clothing is properly cleaned. However, that’s not the case. The water usage is the difference that they don’t consider. The soap is not diluted the same in all washers.

Washers can be programmed for washing cycles in various ways. However, there are some suggestions that T & L can share with laundromat owners so that they are able to understand how much soap and water should be used per washer size.

  • A top load washer uses 32–35 gallons of water, with typically one wash and one rinse. That’s 15 or more gallons in the wash cycle, washing 10 to 15 pounds of laundry.
  • A 20 pound front load washer might use 28 gallons of water, with one wash and two rinses. The wash/soap cycle could use eight or nine gallons.
  • A 30 pound washer might use 21 gallons total with 10 gallons in the wash/soap cycle.
  • A 40 pound top load washer is around 30 gallons in total with 15 being used in the wash cycle.
  • A 60 pound washer is about 50 gallons of water with around 25 in the wash cycle.

We hope this information helps you determine the right amount of soap needed to properly clean. If you missed our previous blogs, be sure to check back for a series on commonly made mistakes from laundromat users. There, you'll find more information on mistakes to avoid.

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