How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Laundromat’s Website

buying a laundromat in CharlotteWhen it comes to choosing a web address for your laundromat online, it is important to select one that represents your business and is easy to find. While many people may not give it much thought initially, your website URL is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Before you select a domain name, here are some things that you should consider. Did you know that T & L makes buying a laundromat in Charlotte easy and affordable? Call us today to learn how we do it!

Is It Easy to Type?
Short and simple is the way to go when it comes to the domain name for your business. The longer and more complex the URL is, the more likely it is that your customers will misspell the domain or mistype it. Avoid using slang or words that have multiple spellings for your domain name.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers
Unless you absolutely need to use these in your domain, avoid them just to be on the safe side. Numbers become confusing to customers because it is difficult to know whether they are spelled out or if they appear in their numeric form. Hyphens become problematic because they are often forgotten and can make a simple URL complicated. If you must use either, consider purchasing and registering the other variations to be safe. Be sure to point these domains to the correct domain for your website so customers can still find your laundromat.

Go Local
When selecting your laundromat's domain name, consider using your state or city in your URL address. Using your location in your domain name can make it easy for customers to remember and find later on.

Do Your Homework
There are millions of domain names that have been registered or that are in use. Once you've come up with your domain name, research it to see if it's available. Then share it with friends and family to make sure it makes sense, they are able to navigate to it, and that it sounds appealing. Before you register your domain name, be sure that you haven't selected a name that is being used by another company, is trademarked, or copyrighted. Doing so could result in an expensive legal mess. Checked off all the criteria and made sure the domain is available? Register it and set up your website. See our previous posts on how to create a great site for your laundromat.

Dot What?
The extension or the suffix of your web address is important. There are more than just .com extensions available on the web. Many of these have very specific uses and offer you a chance to register a highly relevant and short name for your business.

Here are some examples:

.net - internet infrastructure sites or technical websites
.org - nonprofits or other non-commercial organizations
.me - resumes, blogs, or other personal sites
.biz- commercial, e-commerce, or business sites
.info - informational sites
.co - an abbreviation used for community, commerce, or company sites

Domain names sell quickly. Once you've found one that works for your business register it as soon as possible.

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