What to Expect When Your Laundromat Gets Inspected

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Passing state or local inspections with your business can be a stressful experience for any small business owner. However, laundromat owners have a little more to worry about than other businesses. There are standards for sanitation, energy conservation and posting licenses and pricing that are unique to the coin-op industry. The professionals at T & L Laundry Equipment, your number one Continental Girbau dealers in South Carolina have prepared a list of things to expect and prepare for when your coin-op gets an inspection. 

So please keep reading for more valuable information that will help you be ready the next time you have to deal with this situation.

What You Can Expect If Your Laundromat Gets Inspected

Signage Is Important

Most state and local governments require you to post your prices for all services clearly at the front of your establishment. This list must include the services available, a minimum price for each service, the hourly labor rate (if applicable) for services, additional service charges scale and a description of what might increase that price - heavy staining, delicate fabrics, etc. These prices must be equal across gender - no business may post one price for "shirts" and another for "blouses". Laundry services by the pound must be clearly stated and prices must be broken down by weight. 

Customers must be able to see business licenses displayed clearly and a sign which directs them to where to file complaints about the business. Additionally, the business's commercial laundry license must be clearly displayed. The refund policy must be clearly stated and posted near the cash register and if there are limitations on using credit or debit cards for transactions those must be clearly visible as well. 

If the laundromat is unattended for a period of time but customers are still permitted access,  there should be a posted notice of where to obtain refunds or lodge complaints. This sign must be in both English and Spanish. Refillable laundry card policies must be clearly displayed with the refund policy for these cards. 

For machines that aren't working a sign must be posted stating that the machine is out of service. 

When ordering your claim tickets, receipts, business cards and flyers they must contain the following information about your business: business name, physical address and license number. Claim tickets must have a space for the customer's name and address and a breakdown of the total laundry charges - not just the total. Receipts must be issued for all transactions over $20 and any time a customer requests one. Receipts must include the following information: date of purchase, amount paid for each service, total amount paid, sales tax amount, name and address of business and license number. 

If laundry is weighed on site, the scale must be inspected and calibrated by a state authority. This inspection must be current and the certification must be clearly displayed on the scale itself. 

Ensure that your facility is ready for inspection by updating all signage with current prices and policies. If any of the information about the business has changed, update all receipts, claim tickets, business cards and flyers with the correct information.

Making sure that your equipment is cleaned and sanitized according to state standards will help make the inspection process easy. Your laundromat attendants should regularly clean and sanitize the equipment so getting this aspect of your facility ready for inspection should be relatively simple. Routinely inspecting and doing a deep clean and service of your establishment helps keep you ready for inspection any time. 

If you have more questions about how to prepare for your local or state inspections, contact the professionals at T & L Laundry Equipment for tips and guidance on the standards and expectations. 

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