Fall Laundry Tips for Your Autumn Clothing and Linens

Raise your hand if you're ready for fall temperatures to roll in? Just last week, we had a day that dipped just below 70 degrees and we were quick to throw on sweatshirt and cook a pot of chicken noodle soup. We're truly obsessed with everything pumpkin spice and can't hardly wait to wear our new fall threads. And with fall clothing, comes special treatment towards fabrics that aren't so easily cleaned by just throwing them in the washing machine like you might do with your summer frocks. As such, today we'll discuss 5 fall laundry tips that are sure to keep your autumn clothing and linens looking fresh all season long.

Fall Laundry Tips #1: Use vinegar to prevent "balls" from forming on linens

One of our least favorite things about fall and winter linens is that they tend to end up covered in tiny balls that make you look a little less pulled together. And while there are all kinds of shavers and lint rollers available that can remove the balls once they've formed, did you know that you can prevent them from ever forming by using vinegar?

White vinegar has long been used for various household cleaning situations as it's a natural deodorizer and alternative to chemical-based products. However, it can also be used to preserve color brightness and to prevent balled-up fibers from forming on your laundry. Just swap out your regular detergent for a half cup of distilled white water.

Fall Laundry Tips #2: Wash flannel linens in warm water

We love a flannel shirt or flannel sheets as much as the next person, and when we spend good money on an outfit, we want it to last years and years rather than tear apart after one season. As such, the best way to keep your flannel button-downs looking great for years and years is to wash them in WARM water.

While you may be inclined to wash your flannels in cold water to prevent shrinkage, we find that by using warm water, you have a better chance of preserving your colors and softness while still preventing fiber shrinkage. If you really want to get the most out of your flannel linens, be sure that you wash flannel pieces separately, particularly the first time you wash an item. This will prevent the lint that is typically found on flannel linens from sticking to other fabrics.

Fall Laundry Tips #3: Avoid using fabric softener on flannel

Staying on the topic of flannel shirts and linens - it is absolutely NOT necessary to use fabric softener on flannels to make them soft. In fact, fabric softener can actually stiffen fabric fibers and reduce flannel softness. However, we have found that using tennis balls in the dryer along with your flannels (particularly flannel sheets) can keep bedding smooth and comfortable. Who knew?!

#4 Keep washing knits in cold water

While we recommend using warm water for flannels, cold water is still your best bet when it comes to caring for your knits. Yarn has a tendency to fray in warm and hot water. Also be sure to set your washing machine to a gentle cycle to prevent your knits from snagging or pilling.

#5 Air Dry!

Air drying is actually great all year long, especially since so often that dryer is known to inadvertently shrink our favorite clothes (it's like it knows). However, since fall fabrics like flannels and knits are particularly known to shrink with high heat, air drying will be your best friend this fall. If air drying outdoors isn't an option, check out these indoor drying racks.

Follow these fall laundry tips and you should not only stay comfortable but your clothing will stay fabulous for many years to come!

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