Get Ready for Soft Mount Washers in your neighborhood!

What are the best washers for 2022 and forward?

Soft mount washers made by Continental Girbau are winners in every way. If you are considering new equipment for your existing self serve laundry or building a new laundromat,  soft mount washers need to be a part of the decision. The conventional slow extracting hard mount washer will soon become unsustainable both in utility consumption and also in competing against other laundries in town who have upgraded to soft mount washers. Its kind of like taking a knife to a gun fight.

15 years ago, no one wanted to buy the latest washers of the day because they had computerized digital controls. They thought that it would be too hard for customers to understand and that all the features like adjustable water levels and more than 4 cycles would be to complicated and unnecessary. Unnecessary to save water? Really? Well today, no one is using old mechanical timers in their washer extractors and the laundries that still have them can't figure out other store owners are able to pay for new equipment.

Soft mount washers are coming to your neighborhood soon and will one day replace what is common place now. Laundromat users will continue to be willing to reward store owners for giving them time back because it takes maybe half as much time to dry a load of laundry from a soft mount washer versus a hard mount washer.

We know soft mount washers are the way to go when an operator installs a couple machines on trial and then decides to add many more. We see that Continental soft mount washers extract as reliably as a hard mount washers and customers will pay a premium vend price.

Call us today to move forward with the best washers for your store's future.

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