Highlighting Girbau Industrial’s Continuous Batch Washing System

Continental Girbau dealers in South CarolinaWelcome back to our continued look at Continental Girbau's Continuous Batch Washing System or tunnel washing system. This state of the art commercial laundry system allows your facility to wash extremely large loads of your customers' linens with less demand on your staff and lower utility consumption. In our previous post, we examined the smart control features that give you complete control over your customers' wash cycles and the heavy duty conveyor belt that moves the color coded loads from one point in the wash cycle to the next. With energy saving features like reclaimed water rinse cycles and hydraulic pressure extraction, providing your customers with an exceptional clean has never been easier or more affordable.

For more than 40 years, T & L Laundry Equipment has been the top Continental Girbau dealers in South Carolina. We bring unmatched industry and equipment knowledge as well as a wide selection of products, parts, and services to our customers. At T & L, your relationship with us begins at the start of the sale, and we pride ourselves on forming a lifelong relationship with our clients. We want you to think of us as a partner in your commercial laundry business. Whether this is your first piece of equipment or you are expanding or upgrading your existing machines, the T & L staff want to be with you every step of the way. We proudly offer in-house financing, equipment layout design and complimentary onsite consultations.

Girbau's tunnel washing system makes handling linens for the food and beverage industry a snap. One of the biggest challenges that the commercial laundry industry faces is that each food and beverage client uses different types of linens. In addition to varying thicknesses and qualities, the level of soil is different for each client. The Girbau Industrial (GI) TBS-50 Continuous Batch Tunnel Washing System is capable of providing the level of clean that your food and beverage customers demand while ensuring the longevity of their linens. High spin water extraction means less overheating in the dryer and a reduction in fiber damage, helping your customers control their costs, too.

Choosing Continental Girbau for your commercial laundry equipment brings you the quality and reliability the industry has come to expect from this brand, along with an outstanding warranty. T & L Laundry Equipment is proud to fully back and service any of the products offered by Girbau. From initial set up and calibration of your equipment to in-depth training on the new machines in your facility, your T & L representative with be with you every step of the way.

In Bradenton, Florida, Laundry Plus, an industrial laundry company installed two of the TBS-50 Continuous Batch Tunnel Washing Systems to keep up with their customers' demands. With machines running 11 hours a day, the laundry facility is capable of processing more than 70,000 pounds of laundry using only 0.6 gallons of water per pound. Productivity, efficiency, and flexibility increased Laundry Plus' ability to meet customer demands and even allowed the company to add its own linen rental program that targeted the food and beverage industry.

Dependable Continental Girbau Dealers in South Carolina

Ready to expand your business? Having trouble meeting your customer's demands? Let the top Continental Girbau dealers in South Carolina show you how a tunnel system from Girbau Industries can make a difference in your business. Call or email us to set your appointment with one of our industry specialists. We'd love to have you visit us or we can come out to you on site! Schedule your appointment with T & L Laundry Equipment today!


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