When to Hire a Laundromat Attendant: Existing Store Benefits

Laundromat Equipment in North CarolinaHaving an employee man your laundromat during business hours can be very beneficial. However, it depends on personal preference, budget, and how hands on you are as an owner. Over the course of the past few blog posts, we talked about regular laundromat attendants as well as whether or not it’s beneficial to hire one for your location. Last post, we talked about how one would benefit a new store. Today, we will talk about the benefits of an existing store having regular employees. For the best prices on laundromat equipment in North Carolina call T & L!

Unless you have a program that can automatically lock and unlock the doors of your laundromat, there will need to be someone to open and close each day. In addition, the store should be cleaned daily, the machines should be checked for problems, a scan should be done for safety issues and more. If you don’t plan to be in store during business hours it could be a great thing for you to have someone there.

Not having an attendant could mean more expenses and overhead. You’ll need to contract cleaning services and do all of the daily functions yourself or have someone you know and trust help you out. You'll also need to work with a company that can help you with minor repairs, damages, and other issues that can come with having vended laundry equipment.

We hope this information helps you and that you find it beneficial in helping you decide if you need an employee for your laundromat or not. Ultimately, it's a personal preference that is made based on need and financials. We know it can be difficult, but with this blog series and careful consideration and research, you should be able to make a great decision for your business' success.

Affordable Laundromat Equipment in North Carolina

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