Holiday Stain Removal Guide

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It is that time of year again when your house will be filled with friends, food and family. During this time of year we take out our “special“ dinner wear and linen and get ready to entertain. In our 40 years in the laundry industry, there's one thing the staff at T & L Laundry equipment know you can count on - laundry stains.

While our line up of high efficiency washers and dryers can get your item clean and fresh, you need to know how to treat that stain. If you're searching for Electrolux dealers in Charlotte, NC, stop wasting time. Call T & L instead. We're the top Speed Queen and Continental commercial equipment dealer in NC. We save you time and money!

Guide For Removing Holiday Stains

The most important thing to remember is DO NOT SCRUB the stain. Many stains get worse once you apply forceful rubbing to the area. Invest in a good prewash stain remover. If that is a bit too abrasive for your item, white vinegar is a great substitute and can be used for many other things. This will be your helping hand in many stain disasters. Also, paying attention to the wash and dry specifications of your garments is important so you do not damage them even more.

Here are a few of the most common stains and how to treat them:

Chocolate – Chocolate has a high fat content so do not rub, it will only make the stain worse. Blot with a clean dry cloth and use a grease solvent to pretreat the item. 

Wax stains –  These stains need to be dealt with as soon as possible. If the wax is still wet place the item in the freezer to make it harden faster and scrape the hard wax off with a blunt knife. Blot with a clean paper towel and place a piece over the stain. Using a warm iron, put it over the stain and hold for a few seconds. The paper towel will absorb the wax out of the item.

Coffee and tea- Here's where the vinegar will come in handy! Using a spray bottle spray some vinegar on the affected area until the stain's color is lifted. You might want to do a second round with water, if your delicious cup of joe had sugar in it, to help lift the stain even better. Let this soak for 30 minutes and then rub detergent on the affected area before placing in the wash.

Butter – As with chocolate and wax, these stains can ruin fabric quickly. Place the item with the stain side facing down on a paper towel and spray with a prewash  or pretreat detergent, change the paper towels often as it will absorb the grease. Wash in warm water (take note of what the specifications are for the garment).

Red Wine – With delicate fabrics like silk or organza, you want to pretreat with white vinegar until the color of the stain is gone. Wash according to item's specifications. You might have to use a laundry safe bleach, too. On more hardy items place salt on stain and let it soak for 5-30 min depending on the severity of the stain. After the soaking process, use boiling water and pour over the item. Wash as normal.

Eggnog – Use an enzyme laundry detergent to wash any stains that are milk or egg based, it will help lift the stain faster. Dab a small amount of detergent onto the affected area and pre soak for 5 minutes them wash as normal.

Cranberry Sauce – First, remove as much residue as possible from the stain. White vinegar is a winner here too, dab small amounts on the affected area, then dab some dish detergent right on the area and wash immediately. Do not use bar soap as it will in some cases set the stain in the clothes,

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