Hotel Laundromat Efficiency Tips

It can be difficult to ensure efficiency in your hotel's laundromat. There are many moving parts that can sometimes cause issues if they're not running properly. From outdated washers and dryers to inefficient workflow and more, you'll find a few ways you can improve your efficiency here!

Tips for Hotel Laundromat Efficiency!

  • Make sure the laundry facility is set up in the best way to manage workflow. Does the dirty laundry come in one entrance? If so, the washers should be in that area. The dryer and ironing stations should follow in order so that each step can be processed in a simple line. There are sanitary reasons why it should be set up this way as well. You do not want dirty linens coming in contact with clean ones.
  • Set guidelines for the process. Outline when laundry should be processed according to when dirty linens are collected. Give instructions on how much detergent or chemicals to use, and how large of a load each wash should be. You do not want to overfill your washers, but you also do not want to do half loads, which wastes time and energy. Check the unit’s manufacturer guidelines for the appropriate load sizes.
  • Make sure you have enough staff to cover duties, but not too much staff. If you have dedicated laundry staff that spends half of their time standing around waiting for things to wash and dry, then you may need to restructure your workflow so that there is a consistent flow of laundry to process while the staff is on the clock.
  • Choose laundromat equipment and products that are staff-friendly. There are washers and dryers made to make unloading and loading easier. Make sure you have anti-fatigue mats on the floor to reduce injuries. Choose chemicals that can do the job with less harsh scents. A happy staff that is well taken care of will work more efficiently.
  • Make sure you aren’t wasting money replacing linens too often. Many chemicals and detergents as well as some settings on your washers and dryers, can decrease the life of your linens. Make sure you are using detergents made for the fabrics you use and that the wash process cleans your linens properly but doesn’t damage them.
  • Replace old equipment. Old models of washer and dryers are not going to be as efficient as ones with newer technologies. If you are spending a lot on repairs, or are finding that the laundry process seems to be taking longer than it should, it may be time to upgrade. Affordable laundromat equipment in Greensboro, NC
    is a great addition to your hotel's laundry room. In the long run, having newer washers and dryers will improve efficiency and save on energy and water costs, which will save you money down the line.

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