Insider Tips On How Your Laundromat Can Increase Revenues

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Owning a laundromat can be a successful business that's very profitable. In addition to typical coin operated laundry machines, businesses often offer dry cleaning, wash dry and fold services as well as pick up and drop off options.

There are also ways to increase your revenue by offering other things, unrelated to laundry services. Below, you'll find the most profitable ideas. Searching for the top Speed Queen dealers SC has to offer? Look no further than T & L. Call us today for huge savings.

Ways Your Laundromat Can Make More Money

Video Games

Most parents bring their smaller children with them to the laundromat. Offering video game machines can up your revenues as well as offer the children something to do while they wait for the wash. Parents will be happy about this option, as will their kids. 

Large Laundry Equipment

Some laundromats only offer normal sized washers and dryers. Why not consider adding large equipment that customers can use for bigger items like pet beds, comforters and other things that won't fit in a typical sized machine?

Vending Machines

It’s always nice to offer free coffee in the mornings and evenings, but you can earn extra revenue by extending vending to paid options as well. Consider having a cappuccino or latte machine that you charge for, in addition to the free coffee.

Also, soda and snack machines are great ideas, as well. You can make a good bit of money each month on this type of vending. It’s surprising how many people like to munch while they’re waiting. Some might bring their own snacks but a majority of people will assume they don’t want anything until it’s right in front of them. Then, they’re ready for that bag of chips or Snickers bar!

Some laundromats even have fresh fruit cups, pastries and other dessert options, as well. If there’s an employee on duty, offering these items, sandwiches and more will be a great investment.

Car Vacuums

This idea is great, as it takes some time to get our vehicles cleaned out and vacuumed. Customers can get their laundry started, clean out their cars, switch the laundry from the wash to drying and then vacuum their car out!

Other Options

The following ideas are also great supplements to your laundromat revenues. If you're not sure what customers are looking for, ask them. Do a survey or offer comment cards to see what they're looking for.

Be sure to consider each option carefully as, though they’ll bring in more profit, they’ll also need proper attention from an employee, maintenance and more.

  • DVD rentals
  • Lottery tickets
  • Tanning bed services
  • Automated massage chair
  • Pet grooming

The options are endless when it comes to adding revenue to your laundromat. Just think outside the box and pay attention to what your customers want to see!

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