Keeping Commercial Event Linens White

Raleigh laundromat equipment dealersOne of the most challenging things business owners face is keeping their commercial event linens white. After an event you will often find all kinds of stains on your linens. These can range from wine spills to grease related stains. It will require some special treatment for your linens to remain as white and useful as possible. These stains may also require more elbow grease than normal stains. This post provides a good two-step process for getting these stains out. If you're searching for Raleigh laundromat equipment dealers you can depend on, trust T & L Laundry Equipment. Call us today for a free no obligation estimate.

First, you will want to have the right laundry environment. This means being prepared with the right products to treat any kind of stain. Being properly prepared will help you get your linens as clean as possible. One of the biggest things to remember is to not be in a hurry to get stained items into the laundry. Instinct is to throw soiled items into the washer on a hot cycle as soon as possible. This is actually the wrong thing to do. Hot water can set the stain and make it impossible to remove. Instead for the first wash use a cold-water cycle. Your rinse cycle needs to be set to cold as well. Use plenty of detergent and do not overload the washer. This will allow the linens to move freely so that the soil can be broken up. You will also want to use a longer time cycle as well. If this does not remove the stains move to step two.

Step two will use a hotter temperature cycle. Use the hottest temperature the linen type will allow. This time use a laundry detergent with an added booster. These boosters will take away the grease and oils causing the stains. You will want to look for a high-quality detergent designed for this type of stain.

The following tips are also some good laundry tips to use:

  • Never, and we mean never, leave the soiled laundry for another day. Wash them as soon as possible!
  • Always sort the linens by color and type. Wash whites only with other whites.
  • Pretreat any stains you find ahead of washing. The sooner you treat the stain the better the chances it will be removed.
  • Use enough, but not too much, detergent for the load. You can add a ½ cup of baking soda as a natural, cost-effective booster. This will remove smells as well.
  • Never overload your washing machine. Fabrics must be able to move freely to get as clean as possible.
  • A ½ cup of white vinegar can be added to the rinse cycle as well. This is a great fabric softener.
  • When drying your linens never leave them after the cycle has finished. Fold them immediately to keep wrinkles from becoming set.

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