More Ways to Get Your Laundromat Active in the Community

Laundry Equipment in South CarolinaMaking a name for your laundromat in your community through giving back is a great way to ensure the success of your business. People want to feel that the businesses in their community care about the well-being of the community. In our previous post, we have outlined many ways that you can establish a connection with your community.

Today we are back with even more ways to help you connect with the people who support your business. If you're looking to buy affordable laundry equipment in South Carolina, call T & L!

More Ways Your Laundromat Can Get Active in the Community

Choosing to use your business as a way to help other local businesses is a great way to reach more people in your area. By promoting non-competing businesses, you can help increase their visibility to potential customers and yours as well. Doing this may open doors to potential partnerships within your community. Promoting a pizza place that will deliver to your business may help increase your Friday night wash traffic if they offer a laundromat special. Consider attaching wash coupons to their pizza boxes. Getting creative and working together with other local businesses to boost your profitability offers you both a chance to be seen as an active contributor to the community.

Offer up your services to the community in unexpected ways. Contact your local hospital and see if coupons for your wash, dry and fold service can be included in the Welcome Baby kits that new moms receive. Talk with the local chapter of Meals on Wheels and ask about offering free or discounted services to low-income seniors a few times a year. Have Meals on Wheels promote the event and make an afternoon of it with coffee, cookies and extra staff to help with lifting and folding. Work with local charities to help defray their event costs by laundering their linens at a reduced rate or by providing items for their silent auction.

Another great way to give back to your community is by volunteering as a company. Empowering your employees to choose charities or causes that are near and dear to their hearts will help encourage participation across your staff. Whether it's walking dogs at a local shelter, serving meals to the homeless, or running for cancer, getting involved in your community with your employees shows that everyone cares. Group activities also boost morale among your staff and increase their feelings of job satisfaction.

Become a part of your city's legacy and adopt a park bench, a flowerbed, or a statue and maintain it as a part of your annual giving plan. Supporting pieces of the community where your company name shows up in unexpected ways indicates that you are focused on the greater good. Sponsor the arts in your town, a troop of Boy Scouts, or a sports team. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you are sending the message that you care and that your community is important. Show up to the ballet, attend a few games, or help with a troop event; support doesn't always have to cost your business a lot of money.

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