How to Get Your Laundromat Involved in the Community

Laundry Equipment in Greensboro, NCGetting your laundromat involved in your community is a great way to build a relationship with the community that you serve. Whether you choose to sponsor a local team, host an event in your space, or provide a charitable service to your community, reaching out is great for your business in a multitude of ways.

Choosing to host an event in your laundromat is a great way to pull people into your facility and give them a taste of your excellent customer service and showcase the services you offer. Hosting an event in your facility can tie into local happenings or holidays. Keep reading to learn more. If you need to buy coin laundry equipment in Greensboro, NC, be sure to call T & L Laundry for big savings!

  • For Mother's Day host a daddy/daughter date night. Invite Dad and his favorite little lady (other kids are welcome too!) to come and have pizza and watch a movie while they take care of Mom's least favorite chore. Have your staff on hand to help with sorting and stain treating.
  • Open up your doors and your facilities to the community during town events. Are you close to the parade route or town square? Post a sign saying people are welcome to use your restroom, set up a hot chocolate or coffee station inside in the winter and have cold drinks available in the summer. Set up extra seating and encourage the elderly and those with young kids to come in and cool off or warm up during the festivities. Hold a raffle and give away service coupons to those who stop by.
  • During the summer, when parents and caregivers are more likely to need to bring their children with them to do the laundry, consider hosting kid days with a special event during certain times. Hire an ice cream truck to park in your lot, turn a segment of your parking lot into a bubble station and break out the chalk, or hire a local clown to make balloon animals. Having a few special things to distract the kids while giving the adults a little break will be greatly appreciated by your customers.
  • Host a back to school clothing drive. Collect gently used clothes at your facility and launder them for free. Distribute these to local churches and charities that provide assistance to the families in your community. Include coupons for free washes with the donations.

Getting involved doesn't always mean hosting an event in your facility. Contact the local schools to find out when their carnivals or field days are. Offer to host a booth with silly, laundry related games. Laundry cart races, clothes sorting contests, soap suds wars, and shooting hamper hoops are all great ways to provide fun for the event and promote your business as an active part of the community. Offer fun prizes like water bottles or frisbees with your logo on them.

Participate in local festivals and parades. Challenge your employees to help design floats and let your customers vote on their favorite. The employee with the winning design gets a day off with pay as a prize. Getting your employees involved in the fun increases their job satisfaction and helps them feel connected to your customer base. This relationship is important for both your customers and your employees. Need even more ideas? Check out our next post!

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