Can Using the Laundromat Make Your Clothes Last Longer?

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Using a laundromat offers many benefits for those who have washers and dryers in their homes and for those who don't. In a previous post we talked about many of these advantages. Be sure to visit back with it if you missed it. Today, we are going to talk about one of the points we mentioned last post. Can laundromats make our clothes last longer?

Believe it or not, using vended washers and a commercial dryer NC machine will help your clothes last longer. It will keep them looking newer longer, as well. Keep reading to learn more.

Making Your Clothes Last Longer By Using Laundromats

One of the reasons that this is the case is because commercial washing machines are very precise. You can adjust the temperature of the water so that it perfectly matches what the clothing needs. Most manufacturers recommend specific washing temperatures. You can check the labels to make sure you have the right degree. When you wash clothes that need to be laundered in warm water the right way it will keep them looking new for much longer than if you were washing in cold water.

Even more, the wash cycle is much more sensitive in a commercial washer. That means delicate clothing will actually be washed gently. They'll still get completely clean being jostled around. The fabric will stay tighter and last longer.

Commercial washers also get clothes cleaner than washers in the home.  Why? The components are far superior to those that are considered residential grade. It extends the lifespan of your clothing because all of the dirt and stains are removed easily without using bleach or other stain removers.

Another way commercial machines help your clothes last longer is because of the commercial dryer. Because it's larger it cuts the drying time in half. This alone is great for your clothing. The more you dry the worse it is for your clothing.

An additional reason to use large dryers is the fact that because they're more spacious clothes won't become knotted or snagged during their drying time. They'll stay shaped and get less stretched out.

Again, temperature control is possible with commercial dryers, just like with the washers. Check the manufacturer's label so that you can dry clothing at the right temperature.

Commercial machines eliminate the need for extra cleaning products. That means less detergent. Overall, using less is great for clothing. Using fewer products will help your garments last much longer than normal.

All this information will hopefully persuade you to find a local laundromat to use. Not only will you be able to save money and cut your laundry loads in half, but you'll also help your clothing last longer!

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