How Your Laundromat Can Give Back During Thanksgiving

Speed Queen Dealers in CharlestonThe giving season is upon us, and many charities and businesses are looking for ways to give back to their customers and communities this holiday season. If you're looking for ways to give back to your community this holiday season, consider some of these options that other laundromat owners around the country have used. Take this opportunity to thank your customers and the community that supports your business year round. T & L Laundry Equipment is the top rated Speed Queen dealers in Charleston, South Carolina. If you need to save time and money then please call us today.

Free Wash Day
The holiday season brings extra expenses for many families. Consider offering a free wash for your customers and community. Many laundromats have used this as a way to fill up days on the calendar when the laundromat is typically empty. Think of opening up your laundromat and offering free washers and dryers all day Thanksgiving Day through Black Friday. Consider setting large and extra large capacity machines and dryers to half price.

Serve Thanksgiving Dinner
Many laundromats around the country realized that their regular customers, particularly older adults and students, didn't have anywhere to go for a holiday meal. Instead of serving up clean clothes on Thanksgiving many of them serve up a holiday meal instead. Through donations from sponsors around their community, laundromats are able to feed those in their community who have nowhere to go.

Host a Coat Drive
As the weather turns colder, many people purchase new coats for themselves and their children. Host a coat drive in your laundromat and wash the donated coats before turning them over to a charitable organization in your neighborhood. Using your laundromat as a drop off location for the coat drive gives you the opportunity to give existing customers and potential customers coupons to return to your business for their laundry needs.

Reward Existing Customers
Give your customers the chance to win a prize just for doing their laundry. Use your laundromat's loyalty program to track who has been using your laundromat throughout the weeks leading up to the holiday. For every load your customers do, they earn an entry into the drawing. Consider giving away additional loyalty rewards throughout the month to thank your customers for their business. Favorite giveaway items include Amazon Kindles, Google Home devices, or a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

There are many ways that you can reward your customers for their loyalty to your business throughout the month of November. Consider adding a loyalty program to your laundromat along with a new cashless payment system. Speed Queen offers a new line of equipment with the latest in cashless payment technology giving laundromat owners more control than ever before.

Speed Queen Dealers in Charleston, South Carolina

For more information on all the complete product line from Speed Queen and other top manufacturers, call or come by the T & L Laundry Equipment showroom or set up an appointment with one of our laundry experts in your laundromat. Schedule your complimentary onsite visit today and learn how installing a cashless payment system in your laundromat can increase your business in 2019.

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