Laundromat Marketing – What Social Media Sites Are Right for Me?

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Looking for new ways to market your laundromat? If so, we have a few ideas for you! These aren't quite traditional methods, but they are the new trend. Using the following social media websites will ensure your business is recognized and marketed well. If you need washers and dryers, stop wasting time with Wascomat Dealers in North Carolina. Try T & L instead. We're the top Speed Queen and Continental dealers in North Carolina and we can save you money!

What Social Media Sites Are Right for My Laundromat?

Facebook - This site usually speaks for itself. With more than a billion and a half users, you're sure to know what Facebook is without us telling you. In addition to offering people a way to share their lives with the world, it also helps businesses, as well. Make a Facebook page for your business and also pay for advertisement on the site. You'll find that Facebook is the most effective and useful social media site for your company. 

Instagram - Owned by Facebook, over 4 million people use this interactive site. Whether they're posting photos of art, fashion life and times or food, you'll find that the filters and video editing options are great for being creative. It's a great way to not only advertise your business in photographs but also allows you to film short one minute videos.

Video marketing alone is a great marketing tool. Instagram helps you by offering a platform to add the videos for the world to see. Because Instagram is a mobile app primarily, you reach a whole other target audience that you might not otherwise have access to. There is an Internet version but it does not allow you to create new photos or posts. You're only allowed to see what you posted as well as what others have posted.

Twitter - While it might seem hard to market your business in 140 characters it is possible. You also wouldn't believe that more than 300 million users use Twitter every day. Whether you're adding photos, video or writing a description of services, your facilities and more, you'll find that having interesting content is a great marketing tool.

Retweeting and sharing as well as using a hashtag will help boost your posts. People who retweet have a whole other following that you won't reach, otherwise. Also, Twitter is mobile and web based so you won't have to worry about losing out to those who only use one or the other.

Pinterest - You might wonder how this social media site can help you market you business, but because it's photo based, you can upload pictures of your facility. Then, users can see the cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere of your laundromat. You can also upload tips and other ideas, as well in the comments of your photos. 

Which of these are your favorite? Use one that's not on this list? Visit our next blog post to learn more! We will have additional social media sites for you to use!

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You’ll find that we go above and beyond to help you open your business without any issues. Even more, we strive to analyze the competition, including their equipment and location. Our goal is to make your business successful. For more information or to ask any questions, contact us.

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