Laundromat Marketing Tips for the Holidays

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With Halloween behind us, it's time to really get serious about your holiday marketing plan. Getting your customers in the door during this hectic time can be tough but, with some solid marketing tips and a plan to execute these ideas, you'll have no trouble filling your laundromat with customers all season long. 

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Laundromat Holiday Marketing Tips

The first step in successful holiday marketing is planning. The holidays are upon us, but that doesn’t mean it is too late to get a marketing plan into place. In the last two months of the year 10-40% of annual sales occur so it is essential to have a plan on how to maximize the last few months of the year.

It may seem too simple, but the best place to start with your marketing plan is to come up with store hours and days you will be open. Deciding if you will remain open on the holidays is the first step. Next, decide if your hours will be extended for regular business days, or shortened on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve. Having short business days on the holiday is a great way to remain open but still allow workers time with their family. Be sure to print and post this calendar with hour changes and any closures for patrons so they can plan accordingly. Include this information early in your monthly newsletters, emails and on your social media accounts. This lets customers plan and anticipate unusual changes in the hours your business is available. 

Being able to drive traffic and increase business during the holidays means knowing your target audience and being able to market to them. This is important not just during the holidays, but year round. Businesses that connect with their target audience during the entire year have more successful holiday marketing operations and holiday sales numbers. Be sure to take the time to identify your target audience, it not only helps with promotion ideas to drive traffic, it also helps to understand customers’ preferences throughout the whole year. Enlist your customers' help in this research. Offer a coupon for completing customer feedback surveys and compile your customers' list of wants all year long. This bank of information will be useful to pull holiday promotion ideas from when it comes time to market your laundromat for the holidays. 

The holidays are a great time to offer some sort of discount to your customers. Customers feel restricted when discounts only apply to certain services or products, so try to do a store-wide discount or special. About 41% of customers prefer store-wide discounts to other types of holiday promotions. If the idea of that large of a discount is worrisome, add a restriction like opting in to a monthly newsletter. While the customers will see this as just a holiday discount, it allows you to continue marketing to your patrons year round.

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