New Year’s Goals Every Laundromat Owner Should Have

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For small businesses, the yearly business goals tend to be a bit different because you have a smaller staff and more responsibility on yourself as a business owner. This is even more true in the case of a laundromat owner, because you only have a small staff and probably more than one laundromat. If new equipment for your business is on your list of goals for 2017, give T & L Laundry Equipment a call. We offer a wide selection of commercial grade products to outfit your coin-op - from washers and dryers to bill changers - we carry it all!

To set up your business for success in the new year it could be wise to set a few goals, rules, and even boundaries to help grow your business. If you're searching for Electrolux dealers in Greenville, SC, stop wasting time. Call T & L instead. We're the top Speed Queen and Continental commercial equipment dealer in SC. We save you time and money!

New Year’s Goals for Laundromat Owners

No 1 . Stay Focused and Present

In many cases, laundromat owners tend to not be at their laundromat each day, for multiple reasons. They pretty much run themselves, plus you may have more than one business to tend to. When you do hop in the different locations you may tend to feel rushed and not really deal with the task at hand, always ready to worry about what is next. SLOW DOWN and make sure you train your brain to focus on one problem at a time. Spend time with each location and really talk to the staff to see how you can grow your business this year. You will find adopting this mentality will help you be more present in your personal life too.

No 2 . It's all about the marketing

Knowing how to market your specific business to your specific clientele can change your business forever. What you are doing might be working, but could it be working even better? Do you know your area and what people are looking for to make sure they use your laundromat? You might want to talk to other business owners in the area or have a PR firm help you get the word out there.

No 3. Separation is good

Many small business owners tend to get sucked in to their businesses. They live, eat, and breathe them for a multitude of reasons but mostly to stay afloat. Knowing when to switch off and take some time for yourself will help you be a better small business owner. Walking away from the business mentally for a few days to take some time to give your brain a rest will help you come up with new ideas and see things from a different perspective. It will also help you clear your thoughts so you can set clearer goals for what you want in your business.

No 4 . When NO means NO

With a smaller staff and your hands already busy 24/7, knowing when not to take on any more tasks or knowing how far you can extend yourself as a small business owner is extremely important. Overworking yourself will make you feel incompetent and overwhelmed and you will end resenting your business. Set firm goals and rules for how much you are willing to offer up on a daily basis. Adding more staff, buying new equipment that won’t break down and cost you more money, or having a PA to help cope with the day to day paperwork might just give you enough relief to set off a spark in your business again.

No 5. Goals are the goal.

Before you know it, you will get sucked back into the daily grind and be stuck in your old ways of doing business. Setting firm goals for your business will help you measure and track your growth throughout the year and keep you focused on the task at hand. You will be surprised what a bit of organizing and a clear mind can do for your small business.

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