Laundromat Safety Tips

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Don’t forget one of the most important aspects of running a laundromat – safety. With high numbers of customers and little to no full-time employees, it can be a risky venture. Not only are workplace injuries a concern, but if your laundromat is open 24 hours, or actually anytime at night, it poses another set of safety issues for your customers.

With these guidelines for both behind the scenes and for your customers, you can take the right precautions and keep your laundromat safe for both your employees and your customers.

Prevent Workplace Accidents
Assess the layout of your store to make sure there are no safety hazards such as uneven floors, leaks that lead to puddles or equipment that appears damaged. Also check for electrical issues that could be potential fire hazards.

Install non slip mats in areas that need them to prevent slips and falls. This could be in front of equipment as needed. It will protect both your staff and customers.

Create policies for employees to ensure they are using best practices. They should know how to use the equipment as well as clean and maintain the facility. Make sure there are cleaning supplies available such as mops, towels and disinfectants so they can be prepared should a problem arise.

If you have old equipment that tends to breakdown or leak, consider upgrading. Leaks cause puddles that can cause your staff or customers to fall. Equipment that doesn’t work properly could have electrical issues that could pose a fire risk. If the hinges are bad on your front load washers or dryers, that could cause a problem.

Newer equipment is worth the investment. If you want to see what your options are, call T & L Equipment. With over 40 years of experience, you can count on good service.

Protect Your Customers
Customer safety should be at the top of the list in your laundromat. After reviewing the facility from the standpoint of an employee, take a look at it through the eyes of a customer.

Is the outside clean and well lit? A facility with proper lighting will make your laundromat inviting, but it will also keep your customers safe.

If you own the parking area, make sure it also has proper lighting so that your customers will be able to see when they’re unloading laundry from their cars.  Also keep the area clean from debris and trash.

The inside should be properly lit as well. No one wants to wait for laundry under a blinking light bulb. The inside should also have a layout that doesn’t overcrowd machines so that your customers have enough space to move around and can safely get to the washers and dryers.

Your protection is also a concern, so protect your coin changers by pointing one of your security cameras at it. There are also security devices and heavy duty versions of the machines available if you have a problem with people breaking into them.

If you do not have a surveillance camera, consider investing in one. They can deter potential burglars as well as catch any illegal activity on tape. Your customers will also feel safe when they see the signs noting that the activity in the facility is being recorded.

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