How Laundromats Have Evolved, Part Three

Raleigh laundromat equipmentGone are the days when you gathered up enough change to wash and dry your laundry in an old, outdated, and sometimes uncomfortable laundromat. Now, facilities are up-to-date, bright, clean, and modern. Machines are capable of washing larger loads more quickly. They even save water and energy at the same time. Laundromats have evolved greatly in the past decade. Today, you'll learn more information on how. If you've missed the last two blogs about laundromat evolution, read more here and here. Searching for Raleigh laundromat equipment? Call T & L for big savings.

Commercial laundry equipment has changed over the years, just as laundromats themselves have. Machines are made in a more quality way that offers a longer lifespan, lower incident rate, easy maintenance and service as well as offer a variety of sizes and types.

Washers are faster, bigger, and offer different extraction options. Dryers are also bigger and dry more quickly with less heat. Therefore, items are not damaged by high heat issues.

In addition to offering the best equipment out there, having something else that sets your laundromat apart from the rest in the area is key to making sure you're keeping up with the times. Consider giving your laundromat a theme. Whether it's laid-back beach themed decor, always playing music from the 1950s, or featuring old black and white films for customers to watch while they wait, having a theme is a great way to give your location a unique identity.

According to "A theme gives your store more personality; customers will remember it, and they'll find your laundry a more interesting place to come to. A clever gimmick may also get you some free publicity from the local press. If you want to create a gimmick for your laundromat, think about who your customers are and what sort of theme they will appreciate."

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