Laundry Tips for Kids, Part Two

Are you hoping to teach your kids how to do laundry soon? If so, even toddlers are able to help with this task! It's a part of life that sticks around so it's important to teach them young.

If you missed our previous blog be sure to check back for initial tips on how to get your kids started with laundry. Here, you'll find more tips from

  • As children get older, their attentions are not as focused on "being just like Mom and Dad". There are many other things they'd rather be doing than helping with laundry. You can do your part by explaining the laundry process and making its execution as smooth and simple as possible.
  • Ask each family member to be responsible for returning clean clothes back to his bedroom or storage area.
  • Clip clothespins to the side of every hamper. Teach family members to use them to mark stains.
  • Explain the difference between dirty clothes and those that have been worn but are wearable again.
  • Give each family member a mesh bag for socks. The bags can be thrown in the washer and dryer preventing lost socks.
  • Label dresser drawers with words or pictures so children can put away clothes.
  • Place laundry baskets or hampers in every bedroom and bathroom. Divided hampers are useful for sorting colors and whites.
  • Show children how to hang up clothes and install closet rods low enough so kids can reach them.
  • Try some laundry themed books for elementary school readers or you can even try some laundry riddles and jokes to make it seem like more fun!

We hope these tips help you incorporate laundry chores into your children's day without it being too boring or annoying. Remember, check back with our previous blog for more information.

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