The Main Parts of a Washing Machine

Coin operated washers and dryers in Greensboro, NCA washing machine is made up of many different parts that work together to get your laundry clean, rinsed and ready to air dry or go into a dryer. Let’s take a look at the parts that make up a washing machine to see how they work together to help you do laundry. If you need coin operated washers and dryers in Greensboro, NC, call the experts at T & L! We can save you money!

The Main Parts to Your Washing Machine

Agitator –In order to get the soil and dirt loosened from your clothes, they need to be moved around, or agitated, in soapy water. A washer has an agitator inside of the tub that performs this task. It rotates continuously during the wash cycle, helping to release the dirt from your clothes. When your clothes are agitating, they are rubbing together, which also helps get them clean.

Drain pipe – when the wash cycle is complete, the soapy, dirty water needs to go somewhere, so the drain sends it away.

Motor – One of the most important parts of a washer is the motor. It works with the agitator to produce the rotator motion needed for washing and rinsing laundry. There are varying speeds that are determined by the setting you choose when you start a load of laundry. A heavy duty setting will use more agitation than a cycle for delicates.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) – All of the electrical components and circuits of a washing machine are found here. While you can choose the type of cycle you want depending on the laundry you are doing, the PCB receives the information and sends the message to the various paths to perform the function.

Programmer – When you wash a load of laundry, you refer to the programmer found on the outside of the machine. This allows you to set the water level, temperature and cycle type. The programmer uses your choices to set the water valve, thermostat and how long the cycles will last.  

Tubs – When you open the washer, you’ll see two tubs – an inner and an outer tub. The inner tub holds your laundry so that it can be washed. The outer tub supports the inner tub during spin and rinse cycles. A top loading machine has vertical tubs, while a front loading washer has tubs that are mounted horizontally. They are also called drums.

Water Inlet Control Valve – When you load clothes into the washer, this control valve opens up to fill up the inner tub of the machine. It is determined by the water level setting you choose when you start a load of laundry. It is also called the solenoid valve.

Water Pump - The water needs to be circulated through the washing machine so the laundry can be cleaned and rinsed, so that is the water pump’s job. It works to recirculate the water during the wash cycle and then it drains the water during the spin cycle.

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