How to Manage Your Hotel Laundry

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Guests in your hotel don’t think about laundry until there are no clean towels available. As a manager in the hospitality industry, it’s your job to make sure the laundering process is fast and seamless so that you don’t end up with a shortage of towels and linens and a lot of unhappy guests.

People stay in hotels so they can travel without having to bring along their own towels and linens. It’s part of your service to be able to provide them consistently and quickly.

Whether you manage a large hotel laundry or a small one, we can help. If you need to update your equipment, you can count on T & L Laundry Equipment. We offer great advice on which commercial washer or commercial dryer in Charlotte, NC will work best with the amount of laundry you are processing.

We also want to help by giving you some tips for managing the laundry process as well as your staff.

Be prepared.
If you are always prepared for your guests, you can handle the “load” much easier. In addition to always scheduling enough staff to cover your needs, also take into account times when you will see an influx of guests. Plan ahead to ensure that busier periods will have enough staff coverage to process more laundry. Keep an eye on the calendar for holiday weekends or local events that may bring tourists into the area.

It’s all in the details.
Be sure that you are laundering your towels and linens according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you use harsh detergents, you risk damaging the threads, which means they will not last as long as they should. Be sure to separate items that are more heavily soiled so they can get the proper stain treatment. You don’t want to put it through a wash and dry cycle without having removed the stain, because then it could be set in. If that’s the case, it’s probably unusable.

Train your staff.
Make sure your staff has guidelines for the laundry process. You don’t want them running larger loads than are recommended in order to process them faster. This can wear down your machines and your fabrics. You also want to establish guidelines for detergents and other chemicals. Using too little means the load may have to be washed again. Using too much is a waste and will break down the fibers in fabrics. This means you’ll get less life out of your towels and linens.

Get good equipment.
Laundry equipment is an investment that will make the process easier and help you save money in the long run. Newer washing machines are more energy efficient and use less water, newer dryers take less time to dry, which may decrease your hotel’s utility bills. Newer machines have features that make doing laundry easier, which will make your staff happier. If you have the chance to upgrade or install new equipment, it can be cost effective for your hotel.

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