How to Motivate Laundromat Employees

Laundromat Equipment Dealers in GreensboroWorking in the customer service industry can be tough. With people's attention spans getting shorter and a higher level of customer service expected than ever your employees may find themselves feeling overworked and burned out. Despite cranky customers, flooded floors and kids running around, your staff needs to deliver a quality experience for your customers so that they'll be back the next time they need to do laundry. Here are some ways to keep your employees motivated when customers get tough. If you want to locate the best laundromat equipment dealers in Greensboro, call T & L for help.

Financial Incentives
Giving your laundromat employees a small bonus or incentive to provide excellent customer service. In the digital age, many customers decide whether or not to visit a business based on their online reviews. Your laundromat is no exception. If your staff notices a particularly happy customer, encouraging them to write a review on Google or Yelp can improve your business. Staff members can earn additional bonuses by being mentioned by name in the review.

Let Them Make Decisions
Your team needs to feel empowered to handle stressful situations with your customers. Train your staff in your customer service policies but let them know that they have the power to make decisions in difficult or unique circumstances. Whether it is discounting a customer's wash, dry, fold order or giving a complimentary snack because the vending machine took someone's money, these small permissions go a long way to helping your employees feel motivated to do a good job.

Provide Regular Feedback
Telling your staff members when they are doing a great job or praising them unexpectedly can boost morale. People want to be recognized for the work they do and hearing that their performance is exceeding your expectations is a great way to motivate them to work even harder. When your customers or other employees mention a team member and provide positive feedback, share that with the person directly.

Encourage Development
Every team has a few people that stand out. For those who want to learn more, do more and take on more responsibility, you will be able to motivate them by encouraging them to learn. Teaching your team how to run monthly reports, manage customer e-newsletters, post social media updates or organize events can help take the burden off of you and make your staff feel valued and increase their feelings of job satisfaction.

Affordable Laundromat Equipment Dealers in Greensboro

Keeping your staff happy and focused on their work can be tough. However, delivering a high-quality customer experience in your laundromat begins with the team of people who interact with your patrons. Your customer's experience is also impacted by the equipment in your laundromat. For more than 40 years, T & L Laundry Equipment has been on of the best laundromat equipment dealers in Greensboro. We provide top of the line equipment, best in class service and industry knowledge to vended and commercial laundry clients throughout the area. Our team knows what it takes to stand out in this highly competitive industry and we work hard to provide exceptional customer service to the owners we work with.

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